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officeworks computer chair

Must-Have Officeworks Computer Chairs in 2021

If your office chair is causing you postural issues such as neck stiffness and backache, it may be signs that your office furniture needs an upgrade. And the best way of giving your workplace an enthralling facelift is by introducing officeworks computer chair that is stylish yet functional.

Officeworks computer chairs are designed to help the user gain a comfortable sitting experience. It keeps you relaxed & promotes the right sitting posture, thereby increasing your focus & work productivity. It is no wonder why companies & professionals who work remotely are extensively investing in officeworks ergonomic chairs in 2021.

Are you planning to buy computer chairs for your office or home office? If yes, you have landed in the right place.

We have handpicked four officeworks computer chairs that are ace comforters & performance boosters.

Top-Notch Office Computer Chairs for 2021

1). Officeworks Ergonomic chairs: As the name suggests, these office chairs feature various ergonomic adjustments, such as adjustable seat height, backrest, seat width & depth, armrests, swivel, castor wheels, lumbar support & the five-point base for stability. These features together contribute to supporting the user’s body & relieving postural issues.

officeworks computer chair

Officeworks ergonomic chairs are the most sought-after seating arrangements for offices & homes. They promote a peaceful, relaxed & productive work environment by letting you focus on getting the job done. Incorporating them prevents postural issues & backache from developing.

2). PU Leather Office Chair: The PU Leather Chair is crafted for individuals who spend extended periods working on desktops. It is the work of precise & quality craftsmanship, which is displayed in its seat & overall look. Lauded for its look & versatility, this chair is loaded with intriguing features.

Office Chair Executive

It is made from the finest quality PU black leather that can be easily cleaned & maintained. Its ergonomic design ensures proper sitting posture & body alignment for long durations.

Other features of PU Leather Office Chair include:

  • Swivel seat & gas lift to adjust the seat height
  • Tilt adjustment for proper body alignment
  • Built-in lumbar support for spinal well-being
  • Padded armrests to place lower arms & elbows
  • Double-layer seat for the utmost comfort
  • 5 castor wheels for easy navigation
  • Adjustable seat height - 49.5 to 58.5 cm
  • 360-degree rotatable swivel

3). Artiss Computer Chair: The Artiss Computer Chair is meant for workaholic professionals & gamerheads. Made from the finest PU leather, this chair renders the utmost comfort & support to the user for improved efficiency at work & online games. It is loaded with amazing ergonomic adjustments, making the chair hold the top rank amongst gaming chairs.

Other features of this computer chair are:

  • The high-back design to support the head & back
  • Removable lumbar cushion for added comfort to lower spine
  • Reclining adjustments from 90 to 160 degree
  • 360-degree rotatable chair with extra padded seat
  • Solid metal-based 5 wheel castors
  • Easy height adjustments

4). High Back Task Chair: The high back task chair renders the utmost comfort to employees who spend long durations attending meetings & taking calls. The features of this chair include an injection moulded seat, a back tilt, high back & 2 levers. The chair is upholstered with fine quality fabric & backed with a 3-year warranty.

The specifications of this fabric chair are the back height of 520 mm, seat width of 500 mm, & adjustable seat depth from 470 to 600 mm.

Benefits of having Officeworks Computer Chair

1). Officeworks ergonomic chairs are a remarkable & reliable solution to backache, neck & shoulder stiffness that develops over time by using regular chairs.

2). Ergonomic chairs easily accommodate people of all sizes & heights, thereby supporting the user’s body & rendering comfort throughout the day.

3). By promoting correct sitting posture, the computer chairs enhance proper blood circulation & reduce cardio-vascular issues.

4). These comfortable office chairs ensure a healthy & light working environment in the office, thereby keeping the employees happy, relaxed & focused.

5). Ergonomic chairs are available in the market in a wide range of colours, designs & shapes that can add a touch of professionalism & elegance to your workspace.

Tips to leverage the benefits of ergonomic office chairs

Buying ergonomic chairs is not enough unless one has a basic understanding of using them. Here are a few tips that will help you extract benefits from

officeworks computer chairs:

  • Ensure pairing up the chair with a suitable office workstation.
  • The chair must be placed at an arm’s length from the computer screen.
  • Ensure exercising the correct sitting posture - neck relaxed & spine straight. Avoid slouching.
  • Armrests are meant to render rest to your arms. Exercise its functionality.

Browse through a wide range of officeworks computer chairs to buy an ideal computer chair for yourself. Embrace productivity with ergonomic office chairs.


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