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Infinity Loop Leg Double Sided Workstations with Screens

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Color: Natural White With Cable Entry Holes


Easymart brought you Infinity Loop double-sided workstations with screens that help you concentrate on your work. These dual-screen workstations are an effective place for efficient working and have a good space where you can place your other stuff too. These are double-sided workstations where two or more people can work at a time. These double-sided workstations are available in many variants based upon the number of people and the dimension of the workstations. At both ends of the faces of the double-sided workstations, there is a screen at which you can place your important to-dos and other important documents. This will remind you about your goal every time. So, get this dual-sided workstation as soon as possible for your home, library, office, or school


  • Depth of the workstation 700mm that is optimum for everyone
  • Shiny creamy white color which looks very good and appealing. 
  • It is made up of teak wood which is considered one of the finest and strongest wood types.
  • The board is made of Enviroboard.
  • The base of the workstation is made up of strong metal with a coating that saves it from rust and corrosion. Hence, the build quality of the workstation is also very good and is strong enough to hold heavy items too.
  • Consists of a double support rail which makes it stronger
  • The legroom is enough for 2 people working together on opposite sides. The loop leg of the workstation is EN1250 certified.
  • Height and depth are the same in all the variants that are 1200mm and 1400mm respectively. Width ranges from 1200mm to 5400mm depending on the number of users variant that will be using the workstation.


Overall Width Overall Depth Overall Height
2 Person
1200mm 1400mm 1200mm
4 Person 2400mm 1400mm 1200mm
6 Person 3600mm 1400mm 1200mm
2 Person 1500mm 1400mm 1200mm
4 Person 3000mm 1400mm 1200mm
6 Person 4500mm 1400mm 1200mm
2 Person 1800mm 1400mm 1200mm
4 Person 3600mm 1400mm 1200mm
6 Person 5400mm 1400mm 1200mm

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