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2X36" 8 Panel Pet Dog Playpen Puppy Exercise Cage Enclosure Play Pen Fence

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Product Description

Give your pet the play region its merits without stressing over it wrecking your home. Our 8-board iPet Pet Playpen is only the response to let your pet have a good time inside an assigned region.
Produced using tough powder-covered steel outlines, the dog pen can be organized in various manners to suit your pet's play propensities. Regardless of whether it's an octagon or a square pen, the Playpen effectively arranges with simply basic changes.
Even better, you can really get two 8-board sets and make an extended play region for your hairy companion. Furthermore, when playtime is finished, the Playpen can be effortlessly collapsed away for capacity or travel.
Security and wellbeing measures incorporate a jolt hook for the entrance entryway, locks, and protected round edges separately.
Ideal for an assortment of pets including doggies, little cats, guinea pigs, and bunnies, the iPet Pet Playpen can be utilized both outside and inside.


  • Multi-configuration
  • Strong steel frames
  • Join up to 2 sets of panels to expand the play area
  • Locks included to join the ends of the playpen
  • Round edges - safer for your pet
  • Secure lock system on access door
  • Easily foldable for convenient storage and transportation
  • Simple set up - no tools required
  • SGS approved
  • Suitable for a variety of pets - dogs, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs etc


  • Size: 36"
  • Dimension per panel: 61cm x 91cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Door latch per panel: 2
  • Lock for panels: 1

 Package Content

  • 2 x Pet Playpen

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