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Winter Sale | Get 15% OFF Sitewide | No Code Required
Winter Sale | Get 15% OFF Sitewide


Buy Mattresses Online | Most Comfortable Mattress

Are you looking for the most comfortable mattress to replace the old & saggy one? If yes, you have landed in the right place.

EasyMart is a leading provider of home & office furniture & accessories, including a small double mattress & king size memory foam mattress. Some of the top mattresses provided by EasyMart are Giselle bedding memory foam mattress, Giselle Bedding Cool Gel 7-Zone mattress, & Giselle Folding Mattress for Lounge Chair.

We have been catering to the home & office furniture requirements of our valued customers for years. We are glad to announce that we have a vast array of happy & satisfied customers across Australia. Durability & quality of products and timely delivery services have enabled us to earn the trust & loyalty of people. Moreover, the team at EasyMart is dedicated to offering a seamless & hassle-free online shopping experience to visitors.

To find the best king size mattress online, visit the EasyMart site & check our vast collection. Reach us for queries & doubts via Live Chat or call.

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Best Affordable Mattress in Australia at EasyMart

EasyMart deals in an extensive range of mattresses including the best mattress for lower back pain, best memory foam mattress & small double mattress. It has a partnership with world-class manufacturers to assure the good quality & durability of the products. In addition to that, EasyMart’s widespread network of warehouses across Australia enables it to process the orders & deliver them on time.

The mattresses provided by EasyMart are known for their durability, functionality & longevity. They can be availed at extremely affordable prices from this Australia-based web store. Check our great variety of mattresses to find a suitable one that meets your requirements.

The Need for a New Mattress - Why & When?

If your mattress no longer renders the comfort you need & you wake up feeling fatigued, then there are chances your mattress needs a replacement. While comfort is one of the major factors, there could be other reasons to get a new mattress.


  • Tossing & turning at night to adjust sleeping position
  • Waking up tired & lethargic rather than refreshed & relaxed
  • Waking up with sore back pain or stiff neck
  • The mattress is old & shabby
  • The mattress has developed lumps and has signs of wear & tear
  • Over time, the mattress has become a home to dust mites & allergens


  • A mattress that’s old & saggy can adversely impact your sleep quality & overall well-being.
  • The old mattress may not provide the same comfort & support to your body weight as it used to. It exerts uneven pressure on your body, leading to body pains & neck stiffness.
  • An uncomfortable & disturbed night’s sleep may develop many diseases, including heart disease, kidney disease & diabetes.
  • Dust mites & allergens accumulated in the mattress can develop & worsen health conditions such as allergies, asthma & other respiratory issues.

Tips to choose the most comfortable mattress

1). Firstly, get familiar with the common mattresses available in the market to determine what you exactly need in your mattress.

  • Innerspring: Features coil that renders strong support & bounce feel.
  • Latex-based: They offer more support & bounce than innerspring mattresses. They can hold in body heat & offer cooling benefits.
  • Memory Foam: They are crafted to conform to your body shape, relieving pressure on the body. Relieves back & neck pain.
  • Hybrid: Combination of layers of latex & memory foam above the innerspring core. Renders support & softness to the users. They are resistant to dust mites & mould.
  • Air-based: They are inflated using an air pump to achieve the desired firmness level.

2). Consult your doctor or physical therapist, if you have issues such as backache & neck stiffness for a longer duration. Keeping the neck & back in a neutral position while lying promotes good spinal alignment. You can easily find the best mattress for lower back pain online at EasyMart.

3). Expensive mattresses aren’t always the best. Rather than price, go for the best memory foam mattress that comes with the best value price & quality. You can buy mattresses online by comparing the sales & promotions offered by the web stores.

4). Do not fall for mattress advertising gimmicks such as “orthopaedic” & “medically-approved”. The truth is no medical organization officially declares a mattress to be orthopaedic-friendly or so. However, the mattresses may feature materials & designs to support the body & relieves issues. Therefore, look out for features rather than gimmicks.

5). Prefer going for mattresses with genuine trial periods, return policies, warranty, & real reviews from genuine customers. This will ensure you are buying a good quality mattress.

Gladly, EasyMart is a reliable hub of the best king size mattresses & best memory foam mattresses. Visit the EasyMart site to pick the best-suited mattress for your needs.

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