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Buy scooter clamps online to keep your scooter secure

Are you planning to build a custom pro scooter to ride stylishly? Riding pro scooters is an exciting activity for many youngsters. And they love to ride their unique, custom-made pro scooter. Choose all the scooter accessories that you want and check how it looks when you customize it. Scooters clamps are essential to give a designer look to your scooter. With this tool, you can keep the handlebars to the scooter securely. You will find an array of the best scooter clamps at affordable rates with EasyMart.

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EasyMart is the most popular online web store in Australia for buying the best scooter & accessories. If you plan to build your own custom scooter, you can find all the required components in this online store at the best rates. With high-quality scooter accessories and components, including micro scooter locking clamp and tilt classic scs clamp collection, designing your pro scooter can be an enjoyable task for you.

A pro scooter for amazing rides

Many of you might think of buying a pro scooter but do not know how to choose the right model. You can think of buying an electric scooter as these are portable vehicles suitable for short-distance rides, especially if you live in urban areas. One of the great attractions of these scooters is that they are easy to control and steer. Besides, you can carry it almost anywhere. If you want to customize it with a new design, you need the right scooter handlebar clamp for that. It helps to keep the handlebar on the scooter securely. And you can enjoy amazing rides with your new customized pro scooter.

Scooter clamps for strengthen your scooter's compression

You require a scooter handlebar clamp to keep the handlebar fix to the fork of your pro scooter. Using the correct clamp is important to fix the bar to the fork. Otherwise, it can ruin the bar. You cannot use a triple clamp or quad clamp for a scooter bar designed for a scooter double clamp. So, ensure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the scooter handlebar before fixing it to the fork.

Different types of scooter bar clamp

If you are looking for the best scooter clamps, get an idea of the different types of clamps available in the market. It is available in two different diameters. In fact, the diameter of the clamps is based on the various handlebar sizes. Those two diameters are:

  • 32 mm
  • 9 mm

You can use 32mm diameters on standard bars, whereas 34.9mm are perfect for oversized bars. And both of them are the outer diameters. But some 34.9 mm clamps come with a small tube to turn into an inner diameter of 32mm. If you buy this scooter locking clamp, you can use it for both standard and oversized scooter bars. You can also find clamps that are built-in SCS systems. They function as a scooter handlebar clamp and a compression system.

Scooter locking clamp

Every pro scooter needs to ensure to use a scooter locking clamp to lock the device when unfolded. It helps to immobile your scooter from turning. Durable and easy to use, riders can keep their mobility scooters in a safe and secure condition by using such locking clamps. You can also wheel a micro scooter locking clamp to keep your device secure. With this clamp, you can lock its wheel for making it impossible to drive off the scooter while it is in place. But ensure that this scooter quick release clamp has the correct measurements. Otherwise, it will not fit properly for your scooter.

Why EasyMart to buy scooter clamps online

Finding a durable and high-quality scooter bar clamp is easy with EasyMart. You can find the best scooter & accessories in this Australian web store at competitive prices. We can help you get a fresh look for your scooter with our wide range of durable scooter clamps. And there is no doubt that our clamp collection will certainly catch your eye. Some of the advantages of buying clamps from EasyMart are:

  • We are competent online specialist for quality clamps
  • Dedicated for providing the best and high-quality scooter clamps
  • The largest collection of scooters & accessories, including clamps
  • Working with the best manufacturers and industrial designers
  • Fast and quick delivery
  • Large network of warehouses across Australia

Visit our website today to browse our large collection of scooter clamps and select the best fit for your scooter.

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