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Infinity Loop Leg Corner Workstation

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Color: White


It is good to create a workspace for yourself where you get enough comfort and space so that you can work efficiently. To fulfill this necessity, we brought you this amazing corner desk. This corner workstation has 2 size variants having compatibility for 1 and 4 people to work on it at the same time respectively. Also, there are 2 stunning color variants for the top of the desk–beech and white, both of them look amazing. It has a loop leg with a great and strong build quality. So, get this amazing workstation right now as it is just like a hot cake, grab it before someone else does.


  • This corner desk has 2 color option for the top of it as white and beech both with white legs giving a modern and professional look
  • This workstation is available in 2 size variants as 1 and 4 people can work on it at a time. Each variant has different width and length. The dimensions of them (in mm) are as follows-
  • 1 Person = 1800 W * 1800 L * 730 H
  • 1 Person = 1800 W * 1500 L * 730 H
  • 1 Person = 1500 W * 1500 L * 730 H
  • 4 People = 1800 W * 1800 L * 730 H
  • 4 People = 1800 W * 1500 L * 730 H
  • 4 People = 1500 W * 1500 L * 730 H
  • Its large dimensions let the user work freely and comfortably
  • It has an E1 rated top board of 700mm depth which also have a cable entry hole
  • Build quality of the workstation is very strong as it has an EN12520 certified loop leg
  • Its beveled edge top looks stunning
  • You can join several workstations to create a good space for meetings or training areas.


Length Overall  Height
1500mm 730mm
1500mm 1500mm 730mm
1800mm 1800mm 730mm
3630mm 3030mm 1200mm
3030mm 3030mm 1200mm
3630mm 3630mm 1200mm

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