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Office accessories

10 Must-Have Office Accessories that enhance productivity

Office Accessories & equipment are necessary to run daily operations successfully & elevate the workflow. While the exact items vary from business to business, some general essentials are worth stocking up to be used when needed direly.

Office accessories are greatly beneficial for employees working remotely or in the office. Having an arsenal of these essentials enhances the mien of the workplace & boost employees’ productivity.

Let us look at some of these accessories that every office should have stocked up to prevent interruptions at work and promote job satisfaction & well-being of employees.

List of Top 10 Office Accessories

1). Laptop & Keyboard Stand:

Today, people prefer to have a laptop or a tablet device over a desktop in their office & home. These devices are easy to carry & work on. However, to increase productivity & attention, you can consider getting a suitable laptop & keyboard stand. Available in various ergonomic designs & patterns, these essentials help in setting up your desk & developing the right sitting posture.

2). Monitor Arm:

Monitor Arm is fantastic office equipment that enables you to raise your monitor to the ideal height & angle. It helps you find your comfortable working posture. By allowing ergonomic adjustments of the monitor, this accessory eliminates ailments such as strain, fatigue, dryness & even blurred vision. Moreover, the monitor arm optimizes the working space on your desk by giving you a flat surface to write & organize other necessary things.

3). Paper & Pen Holder:

Though the way businesses operate has changed with time, there are times when you need the basics to pen things down & save hard copies of certain documents. These supplies aren’t expensive & can be grabbed immediately from your desk to jot notes, to-do-lists, shopping lists, or even reminders.

4). Book and File Holder:

Having a book & file folder helps maintain a clutter-free work desk, both in the office & at home. These office accessories help organize the reference materials, books & files and yet keep them within reach.

5). Portable Coffee Cup Warmer:

No one can deny the importance of a cup of strong tea/coffee through a tiring day at work. A portable coffee cup warmer can be one of the best essentials at your work-desk. Equipped with an on/off switch, this mobile cup warmer prevents you from re-heating the beverage.

6). A Desk Organizer:

A desk Organizer is one of the coolest additions to your desk. It helps you keep the desk clutter-free so that you can concentrate more on your work. A desk organizer with various small compartments enables you to keep the things handy & in their place.

7). Vertical Smartphone Holder:

A vertical phone holder enhances your work productivity without cluttering the workspace. You can see the notifications & messages even when you are working on your monitor/laptop.

8). Acoustic Screen:

This sound-absorbing panel can be used to enhance privacy & reduce noise & echo both at the workplace & home. It also allows you to concentrate on your work by not letting you be distracted by the things happening around you.

9). Sticky Notes:

Sticky notes may be considered as an unusual desk essential; however, using them to attach motivational quotes onto your desk can increase your productivity & keep you motivated through the day. These notes may include happy & inspirational thoughts, your daily goals & dreams. They will surely help you overcome workloads & tense office climate.

10). Printers:

Printers are one of the essential office accessories at the workplace that majorly deals with paperwork. They help in getting hard/printed copies of the digital(soft copy) documents. A printer receives instructions from the computer & gives the print out of text documents & images.


Your workplace & desk says a lot about you & your working style. Your desk can be clutter-free in case you don’t require printing things; else, it may be always be cluttered if you are into writing/drawing/preparing layouts. Either way, your work-desk showcases your personality & job.

Get the best-suited office accessories such as a monitor arm according to your needs. Brighten up your workplace with these cool essentials & get the job done efficiently.

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