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Vertical Garden Online

Vertical Garden

Agile Planter Box

Original price $258.00 - Original price $258.00
Original price

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $64.50 .

$258.00 - $258.00
Current price $258.00

Description The main functions of the Agile Planter Box are to complement the Agile Tambour Cupboard and bring a variety of consequences into the w...

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Aero/Axis/Anvil Planter Box

Original price $129.00 - Original price $200.00
Original price
from $129.00

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $32.25 .

$129.00 - $200.00
Current price $129.00

DescriptionThe combination of the Aero/Axis/Anvil Planter Box for Tambour storage in Studio White creates a harmonious mix between aesthetics and u...

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Rapidline Cupboard Planter box f...

Original price $275.00 - Original price $275.00
Original price

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $68.75 .

$275.00 - $275.00
Current price $275.00

Description The Go Planter Box sits perfectly on top of a GO Tambour Door Cupboard or GO Lateral Filing Cabinet to display greenery. The Planter Bo...

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Rapidline Vertical Garden

Original price $595.00 - Original price $595.00
Original price

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $148.75 .

$595.00 - $595.00
Current price $595.00

DESCRIPTION Adorn your office’s entrance, receptions, and corridors with this nature-bearing office vertical garden aiding your office to look more...

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Rapidline Planter Box

Original price $244.00 - Original price $262.00
Original price
from $244.00

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $61.00 .

$244.00 - $262.00
Current price $244.00

DESCRIPTION The Best Go Planter Box will easily adjust and sit on top of a Lateral Filing cabinet or Tambour door cupboard. The Best Go planter Bo...

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Buy vertical garden planter boxes online

People love to have a small garden in their backyard or on the rooftop. They like to adorn it with plants in containers & large decorative shrubs in pots. Apart from rewarding you with homegrown produce of fruits & vegetables, a garden poses amazing health & environmental advantages. They add beauty to your place & give you instant access to freshness any time of the day.

If you live in a small apartment or large farmhouse, you can accentuate your garden with eye-catching & stylish vertical garden planter boxes from EasyMart.

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Most families in cities have minimum residential spaces; however, they can beautify their area with the help of a vertical planter box. A beautiful vertical garden is one of the easiest ways to give life to your dull wall.

At EasyMart, you can find a wide range of vertical garden planter boxes online that will certainly leave you engaged. Selecting an ideal vertical planter box from an array of eye-catching boxes can be a difficult task for you. However, EasyMart gives you the access to pick a suitable one from different sizes, shapes, designs, and patterns of garden boxes.

Best Vertical Garden Boxes at Affordable Prices in Australia

EasyMart is a renowned name in the Australian furniture market as it offers an extensive range of home & office furniture & office accessories, including ergonomic chairs, conference tables, storage cabinets & vertical garden boxes. These products are known for their high quality, durability & versatility as EasyMart is partnered with distinguished world-class manufacturers. Also, these premium quality products are offered at extremely affordable prices.

As the name suggests, EasyMart has added an “EASY” factor to the online shopping experience of its valued customers. Right from the moment a customer picks the order, till it is delivered - the EasyMart team endeavors to minimize the hassles for customers. Its nationwide chain of warehouses enables it to deliver orders anywhere in Australia without causing any delay.

Benefits of vertical garden planter boxes

The vertical garden is the latest trend that can add a new dimension to your indoor or outdoor space. An alluring vertical garden can easily draw the attention of everybody. If you want to create a vertical garden, you can consider buying vertical garden planter boxes. Some of the benefits of using a vertical garden box are:

  • You can use limited space efficiently: Vertical gardening is a boon to those living with medium or tiny garden spaces in their homes such as balcony, & roofs. The piles of plants can be arranged & grown vertically by hanging them one above the other in beautiful pots. You must ensure there’s a sufficient gap between the planter boxes & that the plants get adequate sunlight to grow.
  • For beauty and aesthetics: Planting vertical gardens is an enthralling way of transforming walls or empty spaces into incredibly pleasing & creative spaces to hang out in the morning & for evening snacks. It renders a soothing natural beauty & visual to escape from the monotonous day at work.
  • It can give grace to your garden or apartment: Vertical gardens enhance the visual appeal of your garden & apartment by adding colour, character, variety & structure to them. You can add exuberance to your garden by incorporating vertical garden boxes & hanging baskets.
  • Require minimum maintenance: Vertical gardens are equipped with an automatic irrigation & control system, and an automatic fertilizer dispenser, making the plant maintenance a piece of cake.
  • It can conserve water: Thanks to the automatic irrigation & control system of vertical gardens, which removes the burden of manually watering & maintaining them. The automated systems release as much water as needed by the plants, thus minimizing maintenance costs as well.
  • A great way to protect delicate plants: Vertical gardens give you the freedom to experiment & grow different types of plants such as delicate, decorative, flowering & vegetable plants to enhance the aesthetics of your garden.
  • Insulates your apartment: Vertical gardens serve as a protective shield that absorbs air pollutants, heat, noise, harsh weather & UV rays, giving you a fresh environment to breathe in.

If you do not have enough space for a garden, think of a vertical garden. With a vertical planter box, it is easy to design a vertical garden. Besides, you can give life to your dull wall with a garden. Visit the EasyMart website to explore a wide range of vertical garden planter boxes. From a large collection of planter boxes in different sizes and designs, you can easily choose a few ones to create your vertical garden.


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