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Boardroom Tables Australia

Boardroom Tables

Rapidline Typhoon Boardroom Table

Original price $600.00 - Original price $1,212.00
Original price
from $600.00

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $150.00 .

$600.00 - $1,212.00
Current price $600.00

 DESCRIPTION Typhon boardroom table is manufactured to have a large size of 3200mm supported by dual framework staged together to hold the table an...

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Rapidline Edge Folding Boardroom...

Original price $1,267.00 - Original price $1,267.00
Original price

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $316.75 .

$1,267.00 - $1,267.00
Current price $1,267.00

 DESCRIPTION This camping table is a large-sized boardroom table that is adaptive in a way that it can be folded and places somewhere easily when i...

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Rapidline Manager Boardroom Tabl...

Original price $475.00 - Original price $639.00
Original price
from $475.00

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $118.75 .

$475.00 - $639.00
Current price $475.00

DESCRIPTION With a solid base of ironstone and 25mm thick Melamine, this boardroom table promises to be the premier choice for offices. This board ...

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Rapidline Eternity Meeting and B...

Original price $365.00 - Original price $912.00
Original price
from $365.00

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $91.25 .

$365.00 - $912.00
Current price $365.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Eternity has come up with an excellent quality premium boardroom table. This great meeting room table comes with a very beautif...

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Rapidline Eternity High Bar Table

Original price $430.00 - Original price $462.00
Original price
from $430.00

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $107.50 .

$430.00 - $462.00
Current price $430.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The interior of the office or home can be made even better with a high-quality high bar table. Eternity has also come up with a...

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Checkout Office Boardroom Table for sale online in Australia

The other name of a boardroom is the conference room which is the most important part of any office space. Generally, in a boardroom, all the important meetings are arranged, and this is the place where you will talk to your clients and meet the interviewees. Moreover, this is the place where you will engage in the most important business discussions and make significant decisions. That is why you have to make an attractive interior in your boardroom. One of the most important things in a boardroom is the boardroom table which is the main attraction of a boardroom. That is why modern boardroom tables should be listed first in your consideration list when you furnish your boardroom. Easymart can be your ultimate destination to guide you in buying a perfect boardroom table.

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 If you are going to furnish your boardroom and that is why you are looking for the best quality boardroom tables, our collection of boardroom tables for sale will help you. A well-furnished boardroom gives a positive reflection of your business to your clients. That is why you must make sure to furnish your boardroom with the best quality furniture.

What is a boardroom? 

The most important office work, like meetings, training, and interviews, takes place in a boardroom. That is why it should look professional and give your clients and visitors a positive impression. You should opt for a modern and reasonable boardroom table to impress them.

Tips for choosing the right boardroom table?

 You need to consider the function of the boardroom table and its aesthetics so that your employees feel comfortable and proud of the facility and its features. Here is a list of some important factors you need to consider before investing money in an office board room table. 

  • Space: You have to calculate the space you have to place the table so you can understand whether you should go for a small boardroom table or a large one. You need to check whether you will have enough space to move around the table, access the doors and windows of the conference room table, and have adequate space for using the chairs. Moreover, you should have enough space to easily place other things in a meeting room, like arranging screens, projectors, audio/visual stations & decorative items. 
  • Seating: The number of seats you require in your boardroom table is a very important factor to consider before buying a boardroom table. A boardroom table must have enough space so that everyone seated can get their personal space. You should go for a big table so everyone can keep their laptops or notepads on the table. A comfortable boardroom table lets them perform hassle-free tasks. 
  • Wire hold tidies: You should opt for a table with wire hold tidies to prevent the trash made by gadget cords and wires in the conference room, like phones, laptops, and projectors. 
  • Table shape: There are boardroom tables in different shapes: round, rectangular, square, etc. A rectangular table signifies the structure of the room, but a round boardroom table signifies the cooperative actions of the employees. 
  • Table design & materials: You will find the boardroom tables available in various ranges and designs. You can opt for a boardroom table that will meet your taste and reflect your business in the best possible way. You can go for a wooden boardroom table if you are looking for long-lasting materials. Opting for a folding boardroom table might be the wisest decision as you can use it when you require it, and it will not permanently consume your space. 
  • Complement other furniture: You should check whether the conference table matches the other furniture in the boardroom. Otherwise, your boardroom will look completely unprofessional. If there is no furniture, you need to remember that when you buy other things, they should be of the same color or finish, just like the boardroom table. 

However, a modern boardroom table boosts up the entire look of your boardroom and depicts the morality of your business too. 

What are the positive aspects of keeping a boardroom table in an office? 

There are a lot of advantages to having a perfect boardroom table in an office. They are as follows:

  • It helps to display your business at its best.
  • It helps to formulate a positive environment that makes the employees cooperate.
  • It helps to boost up the entire look of your boardroom.
  • A perfect boardroom table gives enough space for other furniture and items and allows you to move freely.
  • A proper boardroom table will complement your other office furniture as well as the style of your work. 

Why will you choose Easymart? 

Easymart is no doubt a one-stop solution for those who are looking to buy modern boardroom tables. They always provide the best quality products at an affordable price. That is why it will be an apt choice to buy a boardroom table from Easymart without having any confusion in your mind. 


A boardroom table is a must-have item in any organization. This is a lifetime asset. That is why you should research carefully and opt for the best boardroom table per your budget.

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