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Click & Collect Available for Office Furniture
Click & Collect Available for Office Furniture


Phone & Keys Lockers

Buy Phone lockers online to safely store your smartphones

Are you looking for a great solution to store smartphones safely while working? In that case, you can consider buying phone lockers as these types of lockers are specially designed for storing smartphones. It is a good option not only for offices but also for schools. By keeping smartphones of staff and students in lockers means there will not be any disturbance of ringing. Children can listen to their teachers, and staff can do their job without any interruption if they keep their phones in a mobile phone locker.

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Find best quality phone lockers will not be a problem with EasyMart. It is the best solution in Australia for office furniture solutions for businesses, schools, and universities. They are a leading online store with a wide range of durable office furniture, including key lockers.

Benefits of using mobile phone locker in school and offices

Use a phone while working or attending classes can distract you from your studies or work. In such situations, you can store your smartphone in a safe locker while working or attending classes. People from across the world use mobile phones to make their communications easy. Most schools allow students to carry mobile phones, but using them while in class can reduce their concentration. If your schools arrange a mobile phone locker system, it can be a great way for students to store their smartphones safely without the tension of losing them. Some of the benefits of key lockers are:

  • Enhance the productivity of employees or concentration in students
  • It is a smart way to storing smartphones
  • It can save space
  • Phone lockers help to keep your smartphones safely
  • Get a space of your own

Buying a mobile phone locker for employees can provide many benefits. And if you plan to buy a phone locker for your office or school, you can find an array of designs with EasyMart, a web store based in Australia. With a vast collection, you can choose the right one for your needs.


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