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Typhoon Boardroom Table

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Color: Natural White


Typhon boardroom table is manufactured to have a large size of 3200mm supported by dual framework staged together to hold the table and smaller sizes carried by single frame making it a primary option when deciding to buy boardroom tables and chairs for offices. Its skeleton is coated with black powder along with polished aluminum feet that are adjustable allowing us to set it in a position of our choice. This boardroom table Sydney has the ability to withstand for years and has a warranty of 5 years.


  • It has a long Melamine top often favored for resilience towards heat, stains, and moisture.
  • It has adjustable feet to set the position of choice.
  • It has a hugely expandable structure and two frames joined to hold larger tables whereas a single frame for holding smaller.
  • It has E1 Rated Melamine board.
  • It has a frame coated with a black powder adding much into its elegant look to suit boardrooms.


Top Width Height
900mm 750mm
2400mm 1200mm 750mm
3200mm 1200mm 750mm



Box Number
Depth Height CBM
TTR189 Box 1/4
790mm 580mm
TTR189 Box 2/4 580mm 780mm 190mm 0.09 12kg
TTR189 Box 3/4 100mm 1000mm 60mm 0.01 5kg
TTR189 Box 4/4 960mm 1860mm 40mm 0.07 32kg
TTR2412 Box 1/4 580mm 780mm 200mm 0.09 12kg
TTR2412 Box 2/4 580mm 780mm 200mm 0.09 12kg
TTR2412 Box 3/4 100mm 1400mm 80mm 0.01 7kg
TTR2412 Box 4/4 1260mm 2460mm 40mm 0.12 50kg
TTR3212 Box 1/5 570mm 780mm 200mm 0.09 12kg
TTR3212 Box 2/5 580mm 780mm 200mm 0.09 12kg
TTR3212 Box 3/5 580mm 1400mm 80mm 0.01 7kg
TTR3212 Box 4/5 190mm 1100mm 60mm 0.01 10kg
TTR3212 Box 5/5 1260mm 3200mm 60mm 0.24 72kg

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