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best ergonomic office chair

How to choose the best ergonomic office chairs for your employees

Buying ergonomic chairs for your employees is a crucial choice that significantly impacts their overall well-being and productivity. In an era of modern workplaces where a considerable amount of time is spent being seated, ergonomic chairs stand out to be more than just furniture that fosters comfort. But picking on the best ergonomic office chair involves scrutinizing multiple factors that nurture the employees' physical well-being. This guide will let you delve into the various aspects of making an informed choice that promotes the long-term health of the employees. Read on to find out more: 

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Types of Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs have become the new definition of comfort in modern workspaces that values employee health and well-being. These chairs are designed to reduce discomfort caused due to extended sitting hours and health concerns that result from such prolonged working hours. Not only do these chairs enhance the productivity of the employees, but they also stand to be an aesthetic choice for workspaces. Here we pen down a few types of ergonomic chairs prevalent in the market: 

Mesh Chairs

Mesh chairs are made in multiple contemporary designs that provide high-end support and comfort. They are made of breathable mesh materials that differentiate these types of chairs from their other counterparts. They have gained immense popularity over the years and are capable of addressing various posture-related concerns. 

Mesh Chair


  • It uses breathable materials to prevent heat retention
  • Available in contemporary designs
  • Provides adequate support while sitting for long hours


  • Lacks cushioning
  • It has fewer customizable attributes

Leather Chairs

Leather chairs are a luxurious variant in the range of ergonomic chairs and look quite sophisticated when you install them in your office. These chairs combine a blend of high-end ergonomics with premium leather upholstery to display plush vibes.

Leather Chairs

Besides, they also offer ample support and comfort with a pinch of elegance that aggrandize office spaces. All in all, these chairs bestow a timeless appeal with a fusion of aesthetics and practicality. 


  • They add luxury and sophistication to workstations with their elegant aesthetics
  • They are durable
  • They present a symbol of prestige and status
  • Easy to maintain
  • These chairs showcase a professional image of your office


  • They are pricey
  • These chairs are temperature sensitive

Adjustable Ergonomic chairs

Adjustable chairs, as the name suggests, offer a spectrum of adjustment choices such as seat height, backrest angle, armrest height, etc. These are designed to extend support and comfort by customizing the various design aspects as per the individual preferences and body dimensions of a person.

Adjustable Ergonomic chairs


  • Enhances posture
  • Reduces discomfort
  • Supports wellness
  • They are versatile


  • Undergoes wear and tear over time
  • They can be bulky

Factors to consider while buying office chairs for employees

Picking on a comfortable desk chair for your employees is a crucial decision because it has a direct equation with their health and multiple other factors, such as good seating posture, well-being, and even productivity. Thus, the purchase of such chairs needs a profound understanding of the factors that contribute to a nurturing workplace. So, here are a few essential considerations that should be kept in mind while shopping for office chairs:  

comfortable desk chair

Seat depth adjustment

Seat depth adjustment is an essential factor to consider when buying a chair that can be adjusted so that your back rests completely against the backrest. Also, check for the gap between the seat edge and the backside of your knees. The gap should be hardly two fingers wide because this helps in hiking blood circulation and also prevents the pressure created on the backside of your thigh.

Backrest angle adjustment

Check if the chairs have a reclining backrest because recliners provide comfort and also lower spinal pressure. On the contrary, finding a chair with a lockable tilt mechanism is your best buy because it helps achieve the equilibrium between support and comfort.

Headrest height adjustment

A chair with a headrest that can be lowered, lifted, or tilted to match your sitting preferences ensures that your head and neck receive adequate support. 

Lumbar support

Lumbar support adjustment is crucial for scaling down the lower back strain and hiking the comfort factor. Thus, you should invest in an office chair that can be fine-tuned to support the curvature of your lower spine. This helps in maintaining a good posture and distributes the body weight evenly, reducing the danger of slouching. It also lessens the discomfort factor when you have to spend long hours sitting on your office chair.

Also, irrespective of the body size and height, the chair should be such that it can accommodate all types of body sizes and shapes. In the pursuit of the well-being of the employees, a chair with lumbar support fosters comfort and also aids in promoting good spinal health. 

Seat Height adjustment

The office chair that you are planning to buy should facilitate you to modify the seat elevation to match the height of your office desk such that your feet rest flat against the floor. Also, it should be adjustable so that an angle of 90 degrees is maintained between your knees, which prevents discomfort and fosters a better seating posture. 

This feature forms the cornerstone of a good office chair that is tailored to offer support and comfort to the users. Furthermore, this customization feature caters to personal working approaches and varying desk elevations. Especially for shared workspaces, these chairs are highly beneficial as they can be adjusted as per the requirements of the employees using the chair, triggering a harmonious alignment between the workstation and the body.

Armrest height and width adjustment

Another crucial component of office chairs is their armrest adjustment option, which is conducive to a comfortable experience during working hours. Such a functionality empowers the users to adjust the armrests as per their specific needs or an adequate angle of the elbows at a 90-degree angle. Some chairs also allow pivoting of the armrests inside and outside to align your arms with their natural position.

Calibrating the armrests to an appropriate height relaxes the shoulders and prevents undue stress and strain in the shoulders, neck, and wrists. This encourages improved posture and reduces the strain cultivating a comfortable and productive environment for the employees. 

On the other hand, width adjustment of the armrests is also crucial because narrow armrests can make you feel cramped and confined, while extremely wide armrests can cause uncomfortable stretching. Thus, it is imperative to have customized armrest features to maintain the right balance and natural position for your elbow and hands without hindering movement. 

Seat Pan angle adjustment

Advanced office chairs also offer adjustment of the angle of the seat pan, which is exceptionally beneficial for people who often complain of thigh and hip pain. This feature gives users a highly comfortable seating experience by facilitating seat angle adjustment, which fosters pelvis alignment and spine curvature and evenly distributes the body's weight.

A forward tilt of the seat pan causes an open angle between the torso and thighs, encouraging a dynamic posture. Alternatively, a backward tilt provides support for a reclined posture that reduces strain and pressure on the lumbar section. Besides, it results in better blood circulation, reduces fatigue, and fosters the employees' well-being and posture.

Swivel feature

The swivel feature of an office chair allows the user to rotate horizontally around a central point allowing the user to move around their workspace without taking the pains of getting up from their chair. It promotes smooth movement and efficient utilization of the workstation and also contributes to comfort and convenience. Swivel chairs are a practical option that enhances efficiency by allowing easy access to various sections of the desk without manually repositioning the chair.

How to test the office chairs before making a purchase

Prior to purchasing a chair, it is essential to conduct a detailed evaluation of the office chairs you wish to purchase on the grounds of comfort and support. To ascertain the same, here are a few things that you need to do to assess the chairs:

Test the adjustability attribute

Get seated on the chair and closely examine if the chair caters to all the adjustability requirements as it promises. Check out all its configurations to confirm if the chair allows easy adjustability for the comfort of your employees. 

Headrest Examination

If you are looking for a chair with a headrest, make sure that the headrest is flexible and offers ample neck support without inducing any postural skew.

Prolonged seating simulation

Sit on the chair for a dedicated timeline as you would sit in your office to find out if you experience any discomfort while being seated. This will help you determine the adaptability of the chair for being used for a prolonged period.

Physical Transition Inspection

After sitting on a chair for a considerable time, get up and move around. See if you experience any type of discomfort in walking, stiffness, etc., to examine the after-effects of prolonged sitting.

Make the most out of customer reviews

In cases when practical testing of chairs is not possible, especially when you are buying online, read a lot of customer reviews to gain a deep insight about the chairs. People who have already used the chairs can advertise the chairs better and help you in making your purchase decision. 

Tips for buying quality ergonomic chairs at reasonable prices

In the pursuit of building productive offices, ergonomic chairs stand to be an indispensable investment. But with the overwhelming markets filled with numerous ergonomic chair alternatives, it is a pretty challenging task to buy a chair that bridges the gap between quality and affordability. So, here we list down a few tips to make an informed decision while purchasing top-notch quality chairs at affordable prices: 

  • Have a clear budget in mind as to how much you can afford to spend before getting started with the shopping chores to avoid overspending.
  • Determine the pivotal attributes that you wish to have in the ergonomic chairs. May it be the armrest adjustability, seat height adjustment, lumbar support, or any other feature, prioritize all such things beforehand to search for a chair that offers all these within your budget.
  • Do some research before you set out for shopping and compare the prices, brands, reviews, and models from different shops to grab the best deal.
  • Always keep an eye on sales and discount offers because such deals can truly astonish you with their unbelieving prices. Especially during festival time, holiday seasons, and off seasons, be watchful for promotional offers, coupons, and other discounts to make the most out of it.
  • Even clearance sales can turn out to be a practical and profitable option if you wish to get quality chairs at affordable prices.
  • Look for online stores as well because there are chances that you might bump into better products at competitive prices.
  • Read, read, and read a lot of reviews to gauge the overall quality, durability, comfort, and other parameters of what the customers are saying who have already purchased from the stores.
  • Consider bulk purchasing when you are planning to buy chairs for your employees because you are more prone to get better offers for large orders.
  • Some retailers and manufacturers also present a trial period during which you can get the chairs and test their comfort and ergonomic ability. This helps you to become extremely sure about what you are investing in. 
  • Subscribe and register for newsletters in the furniture arena because they are always up with offers and discounts during certain parts of the year. Be watchful for the same.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for discounts even if no promotional offers or Sales are going on. 
  • Check if the seller offers you EMI or other split payment plans to distribute the overall cost in simple and easy monthly installments. 


Amidst a contemporary work landscape, the curation of ergonomic chairs not only gets you office furniture but triggers organizational prosperity by promoting the health and well-being of employees. We hope this guide helps you traverse through multifaceted approaches, factors, and user-centric considerations that need to be pondered while buying ergonomic chairs. The intertwining of various attributes, such as lumbar support, seat height, material excellence, etc., contributes to the decision-making process. 

As this guide draws the curtain to help you explore the factors for selecting the best office chairs, our team stands ready to help you find the best one. Besides deciphering the technical nuances of the adjustable features of the chair, we can provide you with valuable insights to trigger your chair purchase decision. Get in touch with us today to create workspaces that boast comfort, employee well-being, and excellence!

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