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Cats Scratching Trees

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If you have a feline companion at home, you must be aware that scratching is one of her essential behavioral traits. You must certainly have seen your cat scratch on a variety of surfaces, in various positions. While it may seem frustrating, scratching poses numerous physical & psychological benefits. And that's precisely why you should buy a wooden cat climbing tree at your home for your feline friend.

You can easily find a cat tree at affordable price on EasyMart. We deal in the finest quality Cat products & accessories that can incredibly help you in ensuring your cat's overall well-being.

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Understanding Benefits of Cats Scratching Trees

Cat Trees are one of the essential items for feline owners because of various benefits it renders to their pet. Let’s understand how.

Cats have an instinct to scratch various surfaces. While scratching may seem frustrating & damage your expensive furniture, this behavioral trait helps your pet.

Scratching helps your cat keep its claws healthy, stretch & flex muscles, mark its territory, and ward off stress. Treating your cat with a cat condo or cat climbing toys saves your new couch & the legs of your dining table.

You can check the cat condo online best offers at EasyMart to buy the best cat toys for your feline companion at affordable rates.

Here's how cat climbing toys will help your feline friend:

Search for the best modern cat tower online at EasyMart to fulfill the basic needs of your pet.

  • Keeping her claws sharp & ready for action by shedding loose layers
  • Stretching her body to keep muscles in shape
  • Exercising by digging her claws into the fibre of the climbing tower
  • Digging claws in post's fibre ensures happy & stable emotional health
  • Marking their territory with scent glands in their paws & communicating with other cats in the house

Know their natural behaviors

Cats certainly have the instinct to scratch and climb on everything they see. Many times you see your feline companion from clawing as well as climbing on your different pieces of furniture. And you might distract it from doing that. Since these behaviors are natural for your pet, your attempts might not be successful. If you plan to buy a cat tree tower at affordable price, you need to consider several things.

How to choose a cat tree

Consider the following things before choosing a stylish cat scratching tree to entertain your pet.

  • Consider the natural instincts of cats

Your feline friend loves to climb and explore everything. And he might get hurt while climbing on shelves and in cabinets. Buy a cat scratching post to solve this issue, as it gives him their own space to explore. Your pet also loves to claw furniture to sharpen its claws. It might be annoying for you, but these are their instincts.

  • Check how cat trees work

You can choose an elaborate cat tree or a simple cat climbing tower online. Both are working the same way. Cat trees are usually available with a sturdy stand with long arms and a broad base. Besides, it might have tunnels to climb for your cat or holes to hide.

  • Consider the age and ability of your cat

Before choosing a feline tree for cats, consider their age and ability to climb. Since senior cats prefer spending time lounging, a simple tree is sufficient for them. But a kitten has its own curiosity needs, and it’s better to arrange an elaborate one for it.

  • Assess your space

Buy a large and stylish cat scratching tree if you have sufficient space to accommodate, and the investment will be worth it for your pet. You can also consider buying luxury cat bed if your space allows.

  • Consider the likes of your pet

If you notice that your cat is drawn to some particular materials, like a cardboard or a rope, choose a cat tree made up of such materials to fulfill his specific needs.

  • Safety is important

Ensure that your choice of cat climbing tower online is safe for the cat the climb, claw, and jump.


Find the best-suited furniture trees for cats to climb from the wide range that EasyMart offers. Dedicated to excellent customer satisfaction, we deliver the finest quality cat products across Australia. The vast chain of warehouses empowers us to render expedited delivery services & stand out from the rest of online stores.

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