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Cats Scratching Trees

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If you have a feline companion at home, you must be aware that scratching is one of her essential behavioural traits. You must have seen your cat scratch on a variety of surfaces, in various positions. While it may seem frustrating, scratching poses numerous physical & psychological benefits. And that's precisely why you should have cats scratching trees at your home.

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You can find various cat trees for sale on EasyMart. We deal in the finest quality Cat products & accessories that can incredibly help you in ensuring your cat's overall well-being.

 Understanding Benefits of Cats Scratching Trees

 Cat Trees are one of the essential items for feline owners because of various benefits it renders to their pet. Let’s understand how.

 Cats have an instinct to scratch various surfaces. While scratching may seem frustrating & damage your expensive furniture, this behavioural trait helps your pet.

Scratching helps your cat keep its claws healthy, stretch & flex muscles, mark its territory, and ward off stress. Treating your cat with a cat climbing tower or cat climbing toys saves your new couch & the legs of your dining table.

 Here's how cat climbing toys will help your feline friend:

  • Keeping her claws sharp & ready for action by shedding loose layers
  • Stretching her body to keep muscles in shape
  • Exercising by digging her claws into the fibre of the climbing tower
  • Digging claws in post's fibre ensures happy & stable emotional health
  • Marking their territory with scent glands in their paws & communicating with other cats in the house
  • Find the best-suited cat scratching tree for your cat from the wide range that EasyMart offers. Dedicated to excellent customer satisfaction, we deliver the finest quality cat products across Australia. The vast chain of warehouses empowers us to render expedited delivery services & stand out from the rest of online stores.
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