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Christmas Sale | Get Up to 50% OFF

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Olympic Barbell Equipment & Accessories online

Fitness goals are important for everybody as it help people to stay aligned. You must be keen to do workouts without skipping if you set some goals. Some of you might target to shed your body fat and stay fit. But some others dream of building muscles and achieving an attractive physique. Many bodybuilders and powerlifters prefer using Olympic barbells in order to increase their power and speed. If you are looking for the right barbell equipment, you can buy them from EasyMart.

Buying the right accessories is important to maintain our health and fitness. If you want to buy the right gear to set up a home gym, you can find the right products at EasyMart. We are the most reputed online platform in Australia to buy a barbell rack or weight of Olympic bars. You can find them at affordable prices on this Australian online shopping site.

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Enjoy a dynamic and full-body workout with an Olympic barbell

Nowadays, many people prefer Olympic-style weightlifting to reach their fitness goals. Earlier, weight lifters and athletes tried this type of strength training. However, people started to realize its advantages and incorporate them into their workout regime. They are ready to invest in an Olympic barbell holder to increase their sports performance. It is a fantastic way to enjoy a full-body workout. Exercise is essential to increase your athletic performance, have more energy, or add years to your life. And you can enjoy all these benefits by doing exercise with a barbell.

What is a barbell?

Many of you might practice weight lifting exercises. But you do not have much idea about what an Olympic barbell is. Of course, there is a large difference between a standard barbell and an Olympic barbell. A barbell is simple-looking exercise equipment that you can see in the gym. It is a metal bar capable of loading with weights. Although it is simple equipment in its look, learning how to use it can be a little tough for you. This equipment is mainly used for weightlifting. But it is interesting to know that you can find fitness lovers who never touch a barbell to perform the exercise.

Different types of barbell

If you are interested in barbell training to improve your sports performance, get an idea about the different types of equipment available in the market. Usually, you load with weights in this metal bar. However, it is easy to find barbells in a pre-made weight. Adjusting them as per your requirement is not possible. Get an idea about different barbell accessories available in the market. Here are the different barbells you can use to reach your fitness goals.

  • Olympic Barbell: One of the great features of this barbell is that you can load it with weight plates. And it weighs 45 pounds. You can use this barbell to boost your strength by bench pressing, squatting, overhead pressing, or deadlifting.
  • EZ Curl Bar: This metal bar comes with a certain weight. Besides, it is shorter than the above one. This type of barbell is best suited for doing upper-body workouts like biceps curls or triceps extensions. You can find them for up to 100 pounds. Many gym-goers use it to increase their muscle size.
  • Smith machine: This equipment may not be a barbell if you check from a technical angle. It holds a light bar inside and slides up and slides down within a fixed axis. You cannot use it for increasing strength. But, they are efficient in toning up particular leg muscles, like glutes.
  • Cardio Bar: It is a light and portable bar with nearly five to twenty pounds. Choose a bar with a fixed weight or an adjustable one for your workout needs. The cardio bar is mainly used in a group setting for fitness. It is also beneficial for endurance performance and interval training.

Barbell Storage

If you invest in a Morgan barbell to improve your performance and endurance, ensure to store it properly. Many home gym owners find the dilemma of too much workouts equipment like dumbbells and barbells but not sufficient space for storage racks for weights. Buying a high-quality barbell storage rack from EasyMart is the best solution to keep this strength training tool in good condition. Your prized barbell can be damaged if you do not find the right solution for barbell storage.

Store your barbells horizontally

If you do your workouts daily with barbells, you know how important it is to store the tools properly. Consider buying a barbell holder as it is a suitable and best storage solution for them. Store them horizontally is better than vertical storage options. Store your barbells horizontally, especially if you use more than one barbell for workouts. Never put them on the ground or prop up in a corner, as it can damage your barbells.

For fine fitness accessories

Many of you might be sick of your daily hustle and bustle and do not get sufficient time to visit a gym. In that case, you can consider setting up a home gym. It can provide you the chance to do your workouts every day without fail and at your own pace. So, you can explore a wide range of fitness equipment at EasyMart. Explore our barbell accessories when you search for proper Olympic barbell storage options. We help you stay healthy and in shape through our wide range of fitness accessories.

Visit the website of EasyMart to explore our incredible selection of fitness accessories, including Olympic barbells and their storage solutions. One of the great attractions of our products is that they are easy on your wallet. Besides, our barbell equipment and accessories do not take up too much space. Visit our website today to buy the right accessories to reach your fitness goals.

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