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Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain in 2021

Importance of Office Chair for Lower Back Pain in 2024

Comfort is the most important thing to consider when buying an office chair. Of course, the style also matters when you choose a chair, whether it is for your home or office. The chair you choose must fit into your home décor and be comfortable enough to sit and relax. Considering several factors like your height and weight is significant to choose the right chair. The center of gravity and the way you sit are also important factors to consider before buying a computer chair for your needs.

For protecting yourself from back and joint pain

Offices never hesitate to invest in a high-quality office chair because that helps them in many ways. It increases your efficiency and productivity and also protects you from several health problems. Many employees face back pain, shoulder pain, and joint pain due to the wrong selection of their office chairs. Most employees spend more than forty hours a week in their office chairs. They spend approximately eight hours a day in their rough chair, which certainly affects their health and efficiency. So, opt for a comfortable and ergonomic best office chair for lower back pain and other health issues.

Reasons for serious discomfort while working

Many of you might experience back pain while you work in an uncomfortable computer chair for several hours continuously. No doubt, sitting around eight hours a day in front of your system can lead to tension and stiffness and make your discomfort while working. Such situations certainly make you at a high risk of developing shoulder and back pain. It can happen, especially if your job needs to bend or twist frequently. Depending on the intensity of the pain, it can last from a few weeks to few months. And the wrong choice of chair can be a primary reason for your back pain.

Why you need to maintain a good posture

Poor posture is definitely one of the reasons for back pain among employees. They usually lean or slouch or slide forward during their workday, and it can lead to back pain, especially if they sit on a low-quality and uncomfortable chair. The workspace design is another reason for developing back pain. Lack of workouts and an unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to various health issues.  An ergonomic computer chair helps staff to prevent back pain and other unwanted health problems in their workspace.

computer chair

Significance of an ergonomic workspace

Creating a comfortable and ergonomic workspace is the most effective way to prevent back pain and other health issues. An ergonomic workspace helps you get everything required without straining. Maintaining good working posturing is also a part of this. An ergonomically designed office provides everything for its employees, like adjustable chairs and desks. Ensure to check the following tips for the easy creation of ergonomic office space:

  • Place everything within arm’s reach
  • Adjust the height of the monitor
  • Adjust the size and brightness of the monitor
  • Height adjusting of your desk and chair
ounge chair

Tips to choose the right office chair

Never underestimate the importance of investing in an ergonomic office chair. It must be ergonomic and comfortable, whether it is an office chair or a lounge chair. Also, choose a durable chair made of high-quality materials. Consider the following things while you look for an ergonomic computer chair:

  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Lumbar support
  • Comfortable material
  • Proper swivel system

Top Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain in 2024

  • Artiss Gaming Office Chair Computer Desk Chair Homework Recliner Black: This is a strongly built ergonomic chair for back pain with a Y-moulded back for strength. Also, the S-form keeps your back comfortable while the headrest supports your head and can be adjusted to your suit. The best part is that the seat can bend back to 150° along with its adapting armrests that change when you lean back.
  • Ergonomic Mesh PU Leather Executive Office Chair: This office chair for lower back pain has a seat developed with a luxurious PU calfskin. A gas lift makes the chair highly flexible for everyone to use as it ranges from 112.5cm to 121.5cm. Furthermore, it has a chrome base and 5 nylon castor wheels giving room to move around.


Back and shoulder pain is a regular complaint of employees who spend several working hours in their offices. And the wrong selection of computer chairs is certainly a prime reason for their health issues. Most employees do not realize the importance of choosing an ergonomic office chair to prevent back and shoulder pain. The best way to avoid unwanted health issues and low productivity is the right computer chair for their work. Browse the large collection of office furniture online and choose the best computer and lounge chair for your needs. 

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