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A complete guide to setting up a home office with corner desk

A complete guide to setting up a home office with corner desk

With most of the offices adopting the work-from-home trend, a majority of the workforce is getting the advantage to stay at home and work. But with this trend being adopted worldwide, most people often end up glued to their beds or comfy chairs to perform their office chores which is completely a wrong practice. Not only is such an act injurious to health and can result in long-term posture-related injuries but can also make you lose focus on your work. May it be scanning through files, answering emails, or any other work, it is imperative that you have a proper work desk at your disposal.

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We understand that sometimes space crunch is the primary factor that refrains people from getting a full-fledged work desk. But, we have got some good news for you! Corner office desks are the answer to your space crunch woes as these desks can easily fit into any tight spots besides giving your workspace a stylish appeal. Want to know why corner desks are beneficial for small spaces and how you can design your happy place while working from home? Read on to know more:

Advantages of introducing corner desks for work from home setup

Space saving is a vital criterion for setting up a home office and nothing can work out the magic of being a space savior the way corner desks can. They not only fuse classiness and sophistication when coupled with innovative corner workspace ideas for decor but also help fight the space crunch. Here are a few reasons why corner desks are beneficial and all the rage these days:

  • Corner desks come in space-saving designs and can conveniently fit into any corner of a room where you plan to set your workstation.
  • They come with multiple storage options and are equipped with drawers and cabinets so that you do not have to look for additional storage options.
  • Corner desks offer multipurpose functionality and can be used for getting your work done besides enjoying snacks and binge watch in between.
  • Besides offering multipurpose functionality, corner desks are available in some cool and trendy designs worth introducing in your workspace.
  • They fledge you with endless possibilities where you can buy corner desks of your choice to fit into any modern, classic, or traditional home office setup.
  • Corner desks offer more elbow room and make it easy for you to reach out for things kept at extreme corners.
  • They are available in a plethora of designs, styles, and choices making you left spoilt for choice.
  • These desks allow hassle-free access to reach out to objects placed at extremities.
  • They help you maximize the unused spaces of your home to transform it into an effective and efficient workspace.
  • Such desks also give a refreshing touch to your home office helping you to get over those old and traditional work desks.
  • They also have a wider scope for under-desk storage.
  • These desks also help in eliminating distractions as they make you face a wall corner where your mind has no scope to be sidetracked.
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Which material to pick up for a corner desk?

As mentioned earlier, corner desks come in a variety of styles and materials. Here is a quick checklist of desk materials that you can choose for your workspace at home:

  • Wood: It is considered to be one of the most sturdy and durable materials. Besides giving a durable finish, wooden corner desk options are versatile and can fit into all types of traditional and modern home settings.
  • Metal: if you wish to have sleek-looking desks with urban chic designs, metallic desks are your go-to option. They are durable, and sturdy and can be even used for keeping heavy items.
  • Glass top: Glass tops can be coupled with both metallic and wooden desks and are capable of creating an optical illusion of more space. These tables besides fitting into one corner also make your rooms appear larger and give your workspace more of a contemporary look.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a corner desk

With the overwhelming choices of corner desks available in the market, picking on the best can be quite a challenging task. So, here are a few questions that you can ask yourself before you choose one for your home workstation:

  • Will the desk fit in the place where you desire to work?
  • Does the small corner desk  in Australia have enough space to hold all your essentials?
  • Is the desk easy to move?
  • What material is used for making the desk?
  • Does the desk offer enough storage solutions?
  • Does the desk enable you to be seated in a healthy posture?

These questions should be primarily asked before you select a desk so that you can create an effective working space.

How to design a perfect home office with a corner desk?

Our homes do not always have that ideal corner where we can sit and work without any disturbance. We often end up using our dining tables or any regular table at our home as our work desk. But, if you are someone who wishes to walk a mile ahead to push yourself out of your comfort zone and transform a dead corner into a workstation, here we pen down a few home office corner desk ideas  to create a perfect office setup at home:


While you set up the desk at one corner of your room, make sure that the arena is well-lit. It is because adequate lighting promotes well-being and also positively affects your mood while you work. On the other hand, poor lighting can adversely affect your mood and can result in stress, strain, and even fatigue. 

Also, if possible set up your desk at a place where you can get natural light because natural light stands to be effective in hiking your morale and mood. Furthermore, it also relaxes your mind, improves concentration, and decreases stress and strain. The additional sun boost keeps you calm and also aids in maintaining your body clock.

Another thing to keep in mind while choosing lighting is to fix it up in such a place that it does not end up causing a glare on your screen which can make it difficult for you to read and focus.

Color code

The blank canvases of your room have a lot to do with your concentration and productivity. The colors of the walls can boost high energy in us and also drain out the same making us feel dull and bored if we fail to choose the right colors. In fact, you can say that the background colors have a high hand in determining how we think, react, and feel. 

Thus, you need to be very selective of the colors that you wish to have as a backdrop so that you can stay focused instead of being a wanderer lost in your own thoughts while you sit down to work.

Add some greenery

Potted plants over your desks are not only soothing to your eyes but also aid in spreading happiness whilst hiking up the productivity factor. If studies are to be believed, indoor plants also prevent fatigue and help keep you focused and attentive.

So, keep some nature on your desk to experience the difference but make sure that you do not forget to care for these plants by fulfilling their water and sun requirements. Plants not only will give you a fresher environment to work in but will also amplify the aesthetics of your workspace.


There is a difference between good sounds and noise. While good sounds such as music, the sound of a wind chime, etc can enhance your mood and fill you with happy vibes, noise can be a total spoiler and can refrain you from being attentive and productive. Thus, you need to ensure that you set up your corner desk at a place that does not let you deal with noises that can hamper your concentration. 

Working from home can expose you to various types of unwanted sounds, such as the whistle of a cooker, a barking dog, traffic, a fighting neighbor, TV sound from a neighboring room, and a lot more. All such sounds can drown you and distract you from work.

So, make sure you have a foolproof plan for masking such noises and can have a soothing background sound such as music or your favorite playlist that can keep you charged up and calm while you work.

Keep it decluttered

Besides just paying attention to the aesthetics, you also need to make sure that your workstation is organized at all times to spread those positive and productive vibes. All the staples that you need throughout your working hours should be wisely arranged on the desk so that you do not have to hunt for them when you are in dire need of those staples. May it be your notepad, pens, markers, or any other essentials, keep them well organized so that you have a clutter-free space that makes you feel organized and uncluttered.

Spruce it up with some decor

No one wishes to walk into a dull-looking and bland office so why not expect the same with your work from home office? Home offices do not need to be monotonous and mundane after all it is a place where you are going to spend most of your time. So, get creative and customize your workspace with the decor of your choice.

Introduce some photo frames that can take you down memory lane, add some souvenirs you love, and keep some vibrant goodies on your desk to make your corner desk get a personal touch besides creating a warm and active environment to work. But, whatever decor you add, keep it soothing and inspirational. Do not let the decor distract you from work or you will end up indulging in more working hours to accomplish the daily goals.


Working remotely is a dream for many. And, for those who are lucky to make their dream come true, we hope this guide helps you deck up your workstation with corner computer desk ideas that turn out to be stylish, space-saving, and functional at the same time. They offer integrated storage solutions and can snugly fit into awkward spaces where you would never even think of carving a home office.

So, what are you waiting for? Wait no more and buy a corner desk now and deck it up with a personal touch to make your home office space worth spending time on.

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