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How to clean your office chair to give it a brand-new look

How to clean your office chair to give it a brand-new look

You might spend most of your day sitting in your office chair, whether you work in a cubicle or at home. But your chair can become a bed of allergens and germs because of heavy, regular use. Most office chairs, especially highly adjustable ergonomic chairs, used to have nooks and crannies where dust, lint, and crumbs accumulate. You can clean your office chairs to freshen up them with a few simple tips.

Remove stains and pills

    Taking care of the loose debris is the first thing you need to clean your office chair. You can do it several times using a paper towel to grab the solids completely. Avoid rubbing while cleaning as it might force the debris into the fabric and make it difficult to clean.

    Never allow a spill to set and act immediately when you see it on your chair. A wet cloth is sufficient to attend to a spill faster to avoid setting it and create stain on your chair. Sponge it up as much of the spill as you can. Rubbing alcohol is another best solution to remove stains. Test on a tiny area of the chair first, using a wet cotton ball with alcohol. Continue rubbing the stains with the cotton ball if the test does not cause any damage.

    Clean Up the Upholstery

      Vacuum up dust and dirt settled in the upholstery, attachment, arms, and back of the chair to completely remove them. You can clean the upholstery using a solution of water and liquid soap after vacuuming. A natural, biodegradable natural dish detergent can use as soap. Wipe along with the chair's upholstery after dipping the cloth in the cleaning solution.

      Once you complete the cleaning, wipe the upholstery using a dry cloth. You can dry the upholstery faster by putting the chair in a ventilated place.

      Clean all the parts of the chairs

        Cleaning the arms, legs, and wheels is also necessary to make the chair look good and ensure proper functioning. Flip the chair upside down and remove all wheels from the chair first using a screwdriver. Then remove all dried food, gunk, and dust built up there using a small butter knife. Getting rid of such debris helps the wheels to move around without any difficulty.

        Remove the dirt or dust from the wheel by wiping them using a dry cloth. You can use a wet cloth soaked with soap to clean its different areas if they are too dirty. Use paper towels to dry the wheels and attach them back to the chair.


        Remove dust and germs from the chair regularly to freshen up your office chair and function properly. Vacuum your chair as often as your chair and do it weekly. Clean your workspace daily, including chair and desk, and make the area neat and clutter-free to boost your productivity.

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