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Work in Peace with Correct Sitting Posture!

Work in Peace with Correct Sitting Posture!

Ergonomic Workspace Setup

Do you feel discomfort while sitting in your chair for a longer period? Well, that might be because of your chair, desk, monitor, lighting and all. Improper setting of these accessories might cause pain in the back, neck or shoulder areas. You must arrange your accessories in a proper way to create a comfortable workspace. Get yourself an ergonomic and adjustable chair. Do sit in correct posture while working. You can add an ergonomic keyboard, it will reduce excess pressure on your hands and wrists.

Sitting and Mobility Exercise

You can incorporate stretches and mobility exercises into your daily routine, taking short breaks every hour to move and stretch. Practice neck stretches after 30 to 40 minutes of working. Turn your head to the left and then right and bring your ears near the shoulder. Keep rolling your shoulders 10 to 15 times in circular motions to relax them.

Mindfulness and posture awareness

Mindfulness and posture awareness are highly required for maintaining a healthy working environment. Practice mindful breathing. Close your eyes if possible then inhale using your nose and exhale it through mouth. Repeat this process, it will help you to relax and help you to retain back your focus. You must ensure sitting in a right posture throughout the day. Take care of your spine, shoulders and neck. You must take short breaks throughout the day. This will help in the relaxation of your mind.

Healthy Habits for Sedentary Workers

Sedentary workers must add physical activities to their day-to-day life. You must take short breaks in every hour, stretch your body and move around. Instead of just sitting in a conference room, prefer walking for a while. It will warm you up and stimulate your creativity and energy levels. Sedentary workers must choose to climb the staircase instead of an elevator. If your office is located at a walkable distance, then prefer reaching there by walking. It will be a healthy and sustainable initiative.

Importance of ergonomic accessories

Ergonomic accessories like a keyboard, mouse and chair provide support to your posture. It helps in maintaining good posture while sitting. These accessories are made to minimise the risk of injuries related to long sitting hours. Companies must invest in purchasing ergonomic accessories for their employees. It provides them best-sitting posture and keeps them active for longer working hours. These accessories are like one time investment for the office and employees with numerous benefits. 

Sitting Position Health Complications and Solutions

Health Complication: Tension in Neck and Shoulders and Legs Cramping

Solution: Adjust the Height of the Chair

Do you feel pain around the neck or shoulders? Sitting on an uncomfortable chair for a prolonged period can cause pressure on your back, neck, or shoulders. Correct chair height and design are quite essential. The incorrect height of your chair keeps the body in a bad posture, which tends to cause stiffness in the neck and shoulders and cramps in the legs. The prominent cause of this is that sitting on a chair is a static activity that increases stress in your back, shoulder, arms, and legs.

height-adjustable Mesh chair

It adds a large amount of pressure on spinal discs and back muscles. The right height of the chair is different for everyone. With a height-adjustable Mesh chair, you can adjust the chair to the perfect height as per need. The right height of the chair provides enough flexibility to sit comfortably in the correct posture, which releases the tension in the neck and shoulder. Height-adjustable chairs are essential for workplaces as they provide flexibility to adjust the height and work in a healthy posture.

Health Complication: Numbness and Pain in Forearm and Wrists.

Solution: Adjust keyboard and chair height to make arms parallel to the floor

Most of the offices require a lot of typing work on keyboards for long hours. Wrong hands and wrists position while typing tend to cause a tingling sensation in arms. You may also feel the tension in your wrists or forearms or even pain in your hands. The main reason behind this is the wrong posture of the body and pressure on hands while sitting on a chair of incorrect height and incorrect distance from the keyboard. Right posture is different for everyone, so flexible furniture is going to be prominent in the future due to its adjust-ability. While typing for long hours, the correct position of your arms and elbows is necessary. Adjust the height of your chair so that your arms can be parallel to the floor. In this position, there'll be the least pressure on the hands.

Health Complication: Pain or stiffness in Back

Solution: Adjust Backrest or change back posture. Use Mesh Chair with Back Support.

Do you feel pain or stiffness in your back? Stiffness and discomfort around back muscles often occur due to sitting long hours in corporate lives. If your body is in an incorrect posture, the severity of the problems is going to increase. So choose a correct sitting posture to keep your back straight. If not looked upon, it may cause serious backaches in the future, and some problems could be permanent for life. One's back should be upright, straight, and comfortable while working for long hours. Bending the back will ruin the posture. Use chairs that have back support, like office mesh chairs with lumbar support, are perfect. Pain and stiffness in the back are generally due to the wrong posture. So choose the right ergonomic office chair. 

Health Complication: Body Pain or Swelling and Blood Clots in severe cases.

Solution: Keep your feet flat on the floor or a footrest. Bend knees at 90-100 Degree Angle.

While sitting for long hours, poor position of your feet could cause pain in the entire body. It is crucial to keep your feet in the right position because this could lead to blood clots in severe cases, which is a serious health issue. Incorrect leg position could cause stiffness, swelling, or cramping in the legs. Keep your feet resting firmly on the floor or the footrest, and always make sure there is a finger width gap between your knees and the chair while you keep your feet on the floor. By following these simple techniques and with the help of an adjustable chair, you can easily avoid a lot of health issues. Always move your feet forward, so your knees are bent at around 90 to 100 degrees. It would keep your feet and legs in the right posture and let the blood flow smoothly.

The Right Sitting Posture

Right posture is when your body is correctly aligned and supported by the perfect amount of muscle tension. The right sitting posture is defined by the chair one is using. The height of the person sitting and the activity one does while sitting. Adjust your chair height and the distance from the workstation in such a way that your eyes remain at the level of your computer screen. Try to be comfortably close to the workstation. While typing your arms on the keyboard should be parallel to the floor, and elbows should be bent at a 90-degree angle. Make sure your knees are bent at 90 to a 100-degree angle and your feet remain flat on the floor or footrest. It will be of great benefit if you use a chair with lumbar back support.

Rules for Correct Posture:

  • Eyes at the level of your computer screen
  • Chin should be aligned over the chest.
  • Keep shoulders over your hips
  • Arms on the keyboard should be parallel to the floor.
  • Elbows bent at 90 Degree Angle
  • Keep Back Straight and Upright
  • Use chair with lumbar back support
  • Bend Knees at 90-100 Degree Angle
  • Keep Feet Flat on Floor or stool.


Companies and employees must focus on health and the right body posture. Spending on ergonomic accessories like a keyboard, mouse and chairs can help you maintain the best sitting position for lower back pain. With these accessories and some physical healthcare tips, you can take care of your pain, strain and tiredness.

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