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Mega Summer Sale | Up to 50% Off on Selected Products
Mega Summer Sale | Up to 50% Off.

Martial Arts Training Weapons

Best martial arts weapons 

Get the best martial arts weapons like a bo staff, weapon case, foam nunchucks, training gun, and karate weapon to practice your favorite art for self-defense.

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Weaponry plays an important role in martial arts. Martial arts weapons are essential to challenge your skills and expand training. In addition to that, you can capture the attention of onlookers if you are a master in using training weapons skillfully. Of course, most of your love for martial arts might start with a pair of nunchucks. You can find all types of weapons to become a master in martial arts at EasyMart. It is the best online shop in Australia to buy high-quality sports and fitness accessories.

EasyMart is proud to offer you an array of sports and fitness equipment and accessories, including the best martial arts weapons. In fact, you can find all types of traditional weapons to practice martial arts in this Australian web store at affordable prices. You will find the right weapon for the martial art form you learn at this store to add to your wish list or cart, irrespective of your taste in weapons.

Martial arts for mental and physical well being

Many people love martial arts, and they are an integral part of their life. They practice it as a hobby or as a sport. Some people use it as a way for their artistic expression. You can also find it as a fantastic regimen for your physical and mental wellbeing. Foam nunchucks or a training gun is also great to practice martial arts. Many of you might prefer weapons training when it comes to martial arts. It requires timing, discipline, balance, and coordination. You can certainly improve your striking if you use weapons like a karate stick or wooden weapons for martial arts training.

Why do you prefer weapon training in martial Arts?

Most people sign up for martial arts training in order to improve their personal safety. Violence is certainly a reality in this world faced by everyone, and you can boost your chances of survival through martial arts training. And ensure to include a few weapons like training rubber knife in order to improve your skills in weaponry. Some martial arts forms require practicing weapons as it provides many benefits. In fact, most popular forms do not use any weapons and do not encourage their usage. But some martial arts, especially those from Far East countries, allow weapons usage.

Popular martial art forms that use training Weapons

You might be interested in different types of martial arts that use weapons for training. Some martial arts focus on training with weapons like a training gun or wooden bo staff. In fact, several traditional martial art forms use weapons as a part of their training, such as karate, Kung Fu, and Hapkido. As a force multiplier, a weapon is an extension of the body of the wielder. Traditional training weapons like the staff might be simple, but they are highly effective. Let us check the popular martial art forms that use weapons:

  • Arnis
  • Canne de combat
  • Fencing
  • Gatka
  • Gungsul
  • Nunchaku Do
  • Siljun Dobup
  • Iaido
  • Kendo
  • Krabi-krabong

Popular weapons used in martial arts training

Watching weapon-based martial arts shall be interesting for most of us. But many of us do not know about different martial arts other than Karate, Kung Fu, or Krabi-krabong. Learning how to use a martial art weapon like a karate stick certainly gives you a sense of pride. It will help you to realize what you are really capable of. The main weapons used in martial art training are:

  • Swords
  • Tonfa
  • Nunchaku
  • Bo Staff jo
  • Weapon case
  • Foam weapons
  • Escrima
  • Training rubber knives

Enjoy training with foam Nunchucks

If you are interested in karate or Okinawan Kobudo, you know the importance of training using nunchaku. They are among the most popular weapons for martial arts because of their compact size and speed. You might see how superstar Bruce Lee uses this weapon through films and television. In fact, he helped to popularize this traditional martial arts weapon. You can find this weapon in a variety of materials at EasyMart, from metal nunchucks to foam nunchucks. Practice your favorite martial arts using this weapon to increase your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

 Condition your upper body with bo staff training

If you are a karate practitioner, you know how to use a wooden bo staff. It is one of the popular weapons used to practice this martial art. You can learn an infinite number of tricks and techniques using this weapon for self-defense. Besides, it gives you a sense of pride. EasyMart is the right online platform if you plan to buy this weapon or other sports and fitness items. Consider the length and weight of the staff before buying a bo staff for your practice. Also, check its appearance and intended use.
Whether you look for kahrl-mahki or karate weapons, you can find them at EasyMart. It is certainly the most popular online store in Australia to buy high-quality sports and fitness accessories, including the best martial arts weapons. You can also find a durable weapon case at this web store. So, visit our website today to check our large collection of weapons to improve your martial arts skills.

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