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EOFY Sale | Get upto 70% Off
Modular Wiring Online

Modular Wiring

Rapidline Single Tier Cable Bask...

Original price $127.00 - Original price $149.00
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from $127.00

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$127.00 - $149.00
Current price $127.00

DESCRIPTION Here at Easymart, we provide a wide variety of cable management products. From plug-in power desk top to cable baskets, and many more. ...

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Rapidline Interconnecting Leads

Original price $39.00 - Original price $60.00
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from $39.00

Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $9.75 .

$39.00 - $60.00
Current price $39.00

DESCRIPTION Interconnecting leads connect wall and ceiling starters with workstations or connect power between workstations. Backed by a 2 year war...

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Buy Modular Wiring Online At EasyMart

If you are looking for modular wiring solutions for your workstation in the office or home, you have landed at the right destination.

EasyMart is a leading dealer of in-trend & latest home & office accessories, including power pole kits, pop-up power box & cable baskets. As the name suggests, EasyMart is committed to render a hassle-free online shopping experience to its customers across Australia. The team at EasyMart is hard-working & it endeavors to constantly evolve the products as per the customers’ preferences.

EasyMart has a partnership with globally renowned manufacturers to assure the quality & durability of the products displayed on its website. Moreover, it can process & deliver your orders on time via its nationwide chain of warehouses.

Please check our modular wiring solutions by visiting the product page & choosing the best fit that meets your requirements.

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Modular Wiring Solutions At the Best Value Price

EasyMart has been catering to the office accessory requirements of its customers across Australia for years. It deals in modular wiring solutions such as flip boxes, wire basket cable trays, pop-up power box & cable baskets.

Since we understand the intricacies of the need for modular wiring systems in offices, whether small or large, we provide these solutions at extremely affordable prices. We guarantee the best value prices in the Australian furniture online market. Our modular wiring solutions help you in extracting the most out of your working place, by helping you create a more efficient space free from the unnecessary mess of cables.

The Need for Modular Wiring Solutions in Modern Offices

Since the workplace is constantly evolving, it requires new & updated safety regulations & solutions every now & then. Gladly, renowned manufacturers associated with EasyMart are constantly working & developing innovative solutions that can enhance the smoothness of daily operations & efficiency of the employees.

Since cables & wires are widely used in offices including meeting & conference rooms, cable management is a persistent safety issue. Plugs, wires & cables can create an unnecessary mess in the middle of important discussions & client meetings, if not managed beforehand. Moreover, it can increase the risk of trip hazards. That’s exactly where modular wiring solutions such as boardroom table boxes, wire basket cable trays & interconnecting leads spring into action.

Benefits of Modular Wiring Systems

Modular wiring systems have been designed & developed to help the offices & corporates continue their daily tasks smoothly & efficiently, rendering them reliable cable management in the main office area, training rooms & conference halls.

Modular wiring solutions such as interconnecting leads & cable management baskets under desks are now being widely employed because of the numerous benefits they render to individuals & offices.

Here is a list of some advantages of modular wiring systems:

  • Proper modular wiring can save time & labor
  • Considered as a sensible choice for office & future projects
  • Help the employees to be more efficient at their jobs
  • Reduces risk of trip hazards & waste in the office
  • Installation of modular wiring systems is quick & easy
  • Health & safety conditions in the office are improved
  • Most of the Modular Wiring Systems are 100% recyclable.
  • Can be installed in a variety of environments such as commercial, healthcare, educational, residential, & leisure.
  • Installed 70% faster than the traditional methods
  • Eliminates the risk of on-site conditions
  • Testing & fault finding are reduced on the site due to factory testing
  • Minimizes waste on the site because of off-site fabrication
  • Modular Wiring Solutions can ensure up to 25 years
  • Easy to make changes without requiring much skill.

Smart cable management is a must for everyone who works over computer screens for extended durations. It minimizes the chances of trip hazards & potential accidents that may occur due to poor cable management. Moreover, it prevents damage to office equipment & furniture.

Why Choose EasyMart to buy Modular Wiring Equipment

EasyMart is a leading web store in Australia that deals in home & office furniture & accessories including modular wiring solutions. It is an acclaimed name in the Australian furniture market.

Here’s why you should get modular wiring solutions from EasyMart:

  • Extensive range of in-trend & innovative modular wiring systems
  • Durable, flexible & versatile modular wiring solutions
  • MWS for various environments including residential, commercial, leisure
  • A nationwide network of warehouses
  • A vast array of happy & satisfied clients
  • Expedited & on-time delivery services
  • Partnership with world-renowned manufacturers

To order the best-fit modular wiring solution for your place, please browse through our wide collection available online on the EasyMart website. We will ensure delivering it to your place on time.

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