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Reception Counters

  • Flow Reception Counter
    Save 20%

    Flow Reception Counter

    Original price $1,428.75
    Current price $1,143.00
    or 4 interest-free payments of $285.75 with

    DESCRIPTION Flow reception counters are very useful as they give your workplace a professional look. Whether it is an office, a hospital, or an edu...

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  • Modular Reception Counter

    Modular Reception Counter

    from $604.00
    or 4 interest-free payments of $151.00 with

    DESCRIPTION Leave the old school look and give your office a new and exciting look by buying a modular reception counter. A counter is very essenti...

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  • Urban Reception Counter
    Save 20%

    Urban Reception Counter

    Original price $1,428.75
    Current price $1,143.00
    or 4 interest-free payments of $285.75 with

    DESCRIPTION We brought you one of the finest and amazing reception counters for your office, library, reception desk, etc. This counter not only gi...

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  • Marquee Reception Counter
    Save 20%

    Marquee Reception Counter

    Original price $2,858.75
    Current price $2,287.00
    or 4 interest-free payments of $571.75 with

    DESCRIPTION It is very necessary to keep your important files and documents in a well-categorized manner. This can only be achieved if you have som...

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  • RC1809 Reception Counter
    Save 20%

    RC1809 Reception Counter

    Original price $1,038.75
    Current price $831.00
    or 4 interest-free payments of $207.75 with

    DESCRIPTION It is very important for a person to create a healthy and organized workplace for himself. To fulfill this need, we brought you the bes...

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  • The 5-O Reception Counter
    Save 20%

    The 5-O Reception Counter

    Original price $2,010.00
    Current price $1,608.00
    or 4 interest-free payments of $402.00 with

    The 5-0 Counter sits perfectly in a modern Reception area, gloss white all over with a chrome trim on the front panel. Large work surface on user s...

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  • Manager Range Reception Hob
    Save 20%

    Manager Range Reception Hob

    Original price $178.75
    Current price $143.00
    or 4 interest-free payments of $35.75 with

    DESCRIPTION If you are looking for something that can give your reception area a new and elegant look then this office corner desk is the best opti...

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  • Rectangular Reception Hob Workstation

    Rectangular Reception Hub

    from $101.00
    or 4 interest-free payments of $25.25 with

    The Rapid Worker range is constructed of environmentally friendly melamine with 25mm thick tops and an 18mm ironstone base. Strong and durable and ...

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Buy the best reception counters and Officeworks reception desks online

Every office requires a good furniture layout at the reception because it is the first area that potential clients see when they enter an office. The officeworks reception desk must be eye-catching to leave the clients & visitors impressed and satisfied. A dull and boring reception space gives off a bad impression on the minds of your clients. Therefore, it is important to choose your office reception desk and other furniture carefully.

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You can make your office reception a perfect blend of function and elegance if you order reception counters from EasyMart. It is a leading web store with a large collection of office furniture based in Australia. With an elegant reception desk from EasyMart, you are sure to enthrall your guests & potential customers. Besides, it helps you set forth a remarkable identity of your business ethics & values.

The Need for a Modular Reception Counter in Corporate

Having the right office accessories helps carry out daily operations smoothly as they are performance enhancers & efficiency boosters. Each accessory contributes to the company's growth in its unique way & aids a steady workflow. One such accessory is reception desk officeworks.

Let us understand how a modular reception desk adds to your organization's functionality & overall look:

1). Embellishes your workplace: An innovative reception desk enhances your front office by taking away the monotony & brightening up the area. It helps the staff to do their job efficiently. Moreover, it renders a feeling of a warm welcome to the clients & visitors.

2). The first impression, which lasts: The reception area is the first professional point of contact between clients & your company. Employing an ultra-modern reception desk can leave a last imprint on your prospective clients & customers, enabling them to close the deals easily. The professionalism & elegance of the office environment makes them trust you.

3). Positive Office Environment: Besides jazzing up the office's look, the reception area can greatly impact the work environment. Since it separates the waiting area from the production floor, it makes the office ambiance productive.

4). Enables multi-functionality: Various important office activities are carried out at the reception area, including attending the visitors, making vital phone calls, sending & receiving confidential documents. A modular reception desk renders ample workspace to carry out various tasks simultaneously.

5). Meets Staff's Needs: An officeworks reception desk fulfills your staff's various requirements by letting them hold important files, documents, telephones, desktops & other important stuff. A reception counter with storage cabinets helps in organizing the stuff for easy retrieval when needed.

Tips for choosing the right officeworks reception desk

Every business needs an impressive reception area because it is the face of your office. Your potential clients and other visitors will judge you by seeing the reception area. So, you can make the right impression about your business with an appealing reception with the right furniture.

Ensure to choose the right officeworks reception desk and furniture for staff carefully. Some tips for choosing the right reception desk are:

  • Choose the desk proportional to the available reception area
  • Pick a desk with a shape that meets your business requirements
  • Consider the height of the desk before buying it.
  • Decide the placement of the desk
  • Select a good design to make the reception area warm and welcoming
  • Choose a desk with sufficient storage functionality
  • Ensure there's enough space for staff members to let them work comfortably
  • Select desks made from sturdy materials to ensure it endures the test of time and heavy use in the reception area.

Why Choose EasyMart to buy officeworks reception counters?

EasyMart is a leading web store in Australia that deals in an extensive range of functional & fashionable home & office accessories. Its nationwide network of warehouses enables it to deliver reception desks in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and many other remote locations.

Visit the online store of EasyMart today to browse its large collection of furniture and place your order for reception desk officeworks to remarkably upgrade your office reception area. From an incredible range of reception desks, you can find an affordable one with an impressive design at EasyMart. In case of queries, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer support team.

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