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Winter Sale | Get 15% OFF Sitewide | No Code Required
Winter Sale | Get 15% OFF Sitewide | No Code Required
Winter Sale | Get 15% OFF Sitewide

Whiteboards with a warranty

Welcome to EasyMart, your first choice for buying furniture online in Australia. If you are looking for long-lasting whiteboards, you have arrived at the right place.  We are the largest manufacturer of home and office furniture in Australia. In addition to that, we offer quick delivery of products. Thanks to our wide chain of warehouses across the country. We have the best quality and durable boards for online sale in Australia with a huge variety to choose from.

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Mobile whiteboards are in demand these days; they could be found in schools, homes and offices alike. Our whiteboards are backed by a warranty in order to ensure quality and durability. Our customer service team is always happy to help you make the best possible purchase.

Transform Your Office Space with Mobile Whiteboards

You might plan to buy a mobile board with a stand or a wall-mounted one. Whatever may be your choice, it can give a positive impact on your workplace. While brainstorming sessions, an office work whiteboard & pinboard helps quickly visualize all the ideas and if you want to edit, wipe the surface. The versatility of the mobile whiteboards with wipe-able surfaces certainly help the team to be creative. Besides, they can dive into any point for creative and thoughtful business decisions.

An Incredible solution for presentation

If you want to present the day's mantra or what needs to be achieved a whiteboard is a good choice. You can switch between colors and check a project's progress to show where things stand at a glance. When stuck trying to work out a solution, just write down all thoughts on this to free up your mind. Then you could tinker with all those thoughts visually and make the needed breakthrough. Along with all these benefits of a whiteboard, it could be a great interactive medium for your employees. It would take them out of their seats, onto their feet, and foster better communication and a healthier environment.

Conserve Paper in Workspace with Our Whiteboards Solution

Paper has been used throughout history but as we are evolving, we are becoming aware of using paper. We are constantly asked to reduce the use of paper or go green or use the digital medium. However, a piece of paper is still the best medium to quickly write, plan or remember things. A whiteboard would do just all that with the extra benefit of the wipe able surface. For decades we have been using paper. Now it's time to check other options that might be as versatile and beneficial as paper.

A mobile whiteboard or a wall-mounted whiteboard is a great solution for conserving paper, and at the same time, it allows us to write down everything physically. If you want to start over, wipe the surface and you are good to go. Better still, if you have reached where you needed to go during brainstorming, take a quick shot of the whiteboard surface from your phone, and you have got a digital copy of your plan to share with all in the loop.

EasyMart Offers Wide Range of Whiteboards for Online Sale

When it comes to whiteboards, we have a huge variety to choose from—order mobile whiteboard in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane at very affordable prices. We have our warehouses in all these cities of Australia with an automated warehouse system for quick delivery of your order.

Have you browsed through our huge range of whiteboards on EasyMart? We have magnetic surface, mobile, wall-mountable, porcelain, or metal surface whiteboards. These whiteboards can use for many purposes. They can use for teaching, presentation or just to write a message. It is certainly a great way to deliver your message to your employees with a handwritten note or graphic.

Whiteboards mainly use in schools or offices. In fact, it has replaced the old blackboard because it is cleaner and efficient to use. These whiteboards can use for a wide range of different environments. All are durable and a long-lasting design.

Merits of Traditional over Electronic Whiteboards

The electronic whiteboard is a new invention of the digital era. They come with a lot of modern functionalities. Still, there are a few limitations for the electronic whiteboards. Firstly, they are not movable as the common mobile whiteboards. They would constantly  need the power supply for its working; they won't work in environments where there is no power or if there are not enough plugins. All electronic whiteboards come with a lot of cords which could be frustrating to manage. What's next? Software problems, an electronic whiteboard can have many technical issues.

A high-quality traditional would last longer than an electronic one. In fact, its coated surface would provide a clean space every time you wipe it. EasyMart offers whiteboards in all different sizes in order to fit into any space as required by our customers. If you couldn't find the right size, or have any questions regarding whiteboards, talk to our customer service team. They will certainly help you throughout the process.


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