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Morgan Rubber Knife (24cm)

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To improve the self-defense techniques of the students, we have come up with a high-quality rubber knife. By doing training with this excellent high-quality rubber knife, students can improve their knife skills for self-defense. This rubber knife is very special and is made from the finest quality rubber material. By training with this rubber knife, you get an absolutely real knife training experience. Training with this rubber knife is completely safe and will not cause any injury to your companions while training it. This premium rubber Knife from Morgan comes with a 10 cm handle which provides a good grip during training. If you also want to make your training better and more effective then you can buy this rubber knife. By practicing this, your knife skills will be better, as well as your morale and confidence will also increase.

Please Note- Please note that this product is not intended for persons under the age of eighteen. You must prove your age of 18 to purchase this product. This product is made for training purposes and we expect everyone to use it for training only.


  • This rubber knife is ideal for self-defense training
  •  This rubber knife is safe to use to harness knife skills
  • Morgan's rubber knife is made with high-quality rubber material
  •  The Length of the rubber knife is 10cm handle and 14cm blade
  •  This rubber knife only serves as an aid for practice and demonstrations

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