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Note: Order processing times may be longer than usual due to COVID-19
Note: Order processing times may be longer than usual due to COVID-19

1200mm Wide Planter Boxes – to suit Tambours or Standalone

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Modern planter boxes have become popular recently, particularly among those who enjoy planting trees. You can buy these boxes to plant various types of trees if you want to enjoy gardening and try something new. These self-watering planters may be unfamiliar to you, but they are extremely useful for fulfilling your desire to plant trees in your home. The planter has a built-in water tank that helps to water the roots of the plants, which is a novel idea. This is set up so that you can grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even flowers.

Planter boxes have a number of advantages.

1. They will help you save water. The self-watering planter boxes have a unique design that allows them to store water. This prevents water from leaking, seeping, or even evaporating. As a result, you prefer to use fewer. The water that the roots receive is slowly released into the soil. Since the soil is above the water reservoir, it cannot evaporate. In contrast to conventional planters, if the water release is sluggish, you do not need to drain the water.

2. It safeguards the fragile plants. Taking care of fragile and exotic animals is extremely difficult. Most of them necessitate a constant supply of water, which can be difficult to provide if you have a hectic schedule. These plants are incapable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and temperature extremes. These planter boxes are fantastic since they can be kept inside the house and do not need daily watering.

3. Keeps soil nutrients in place A conventional planter needs more water since the water is drained out from the bottom when you water the plants. If this occurs, the nutrients that are present in the soil are also washed away. As a result, a significant portion of the soil is lost. Water is sucked up from the bottom of modern planters, ensuring that the soil remains healthy.

4. Excellent lifestyle choice This idea would be very useful to people who have a difficult time keeping up with their busy schedules. This is an excellent way to keep the plants safe and healthy even though you do not live a busy life and want to go on holiday. Simply fill the reservoir to the brim and let it sit for a while.

5. Roots are in good shape You must have healthy roots in order to have healthy plants. The roots will be stable in this environment because they will obtain equal amounts of water. In earthan pots, the roots begin to rot. This does not happen in modern planters since the roots receive a constant stream of water from the bottom.

6. It conserves water. The issue in dry climates is that water conservation is difficult. Only a small amount of water is evaporated from the soil by the planter boxes. Since the soil surrounding it is thick, the trapped water cannot evaporate. The water is kept in the container until it is poured out into the plants. In self-watering plant boxes, the amount of water needed is minimal. And if you want to grow thirsty crops like strawberries or dwarf fruit trees, this will keep the ecosystem safe.

Planter boxes are one of the most effective ways to improve the look of your home's surroundings. It's a perfect way to grow plants indoors in small spaces like patios, floors, and balconies. There are window boxes that provide the ideal growing atmosphere for plants in areas where space is limited or non-existent. There are hanging planters that are ideal for balconies. HURRY FOR SALE

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    • Welded construction with 100% recyclable Bluescope steel
    • Australian Made
    • Electrostatic Powder Coat finish
    • Suits Statewide tambour cupboards
    • Moulded plastic drip tray
    • Suits 200mm diameter plant pots


    Planter Box, 1200mmW with 4 pot holes for 200mm diameter pots and fitted drip tray 250 1200 450

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