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Typhoon Flip Top Table

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Color: Beech


This flip top dining table is made up of a highly preferred and extensively durable Melamine top, black powder-coated frame, and well-polished aluminum feet with caster lock. The durable, as well as hard-wearing nature of this flip tabletop, is confirmed by its 5 years of warranty.


  • The distinguishing characteristic of this flip table is that it can easily be set aside with it is to in use thus there will be no wastage of space. It is highly recommended for places with space shortages.
  • The table contains moveable feet that make it easier to locomote the table at the place of usage and contains caster lock-in bearings that will help to prevent any unnecessary motion due to unintended push.
  • It contains the E1 Rated Melamine top whose usage is often preferred in furniture for its highly durable and resistant nature to withstand scratches and damage.
  • It is available in five different colors of Natural white, Natural oak, cherry, beech, and Grey, providing a huge variety to choose the one that best fits your theme.
  • Folded Size of TFT1575 is: 1100mm H x 600mm D x 1500mm.
  • Folded Size of TFT1875 is: 1100mm H x 600mm D x 1800mm.
  • It is available in two different of top of 1500mm and 1800mm to opt for the that satisfies your need.


Top Length Top Width Height
1500mm 750mm 750mm
1800mm 750mm 750mm


Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
TFT1575 Box 1/3 440mm 700mm 100mm 0.03 10kg
TFT1575 Box 2/3 90mm 910mm 60mm 0.01 3kg
TFT1575 Box 3/3 765mm 1570mm 40mm 0.04 20kg
TFT1875 Box 1/3 440mm 700mm 100mm 0.03 10kg
TFT1875 Box 2/3 90mm 1100mm 60mm 0.01 3.5kg
TFT1875 Box 3/3 760mm 1860mm 35mm 0.06 25kg

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