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L-shaped desks

Rise of L-shaped desks- Reasons why they are trending in home offices

The work landscape has experienced a significant metamorphosis in recent times. Earlier when you used to think about work, the only thought you would get in mind would be walking into an office equipped with bulky desks and chairs. But with the changing times, offices have also shifted to homes. Yes, you have heard that right! With the hike in the trend of more and more individuals opting for remote work, home office setups are all the rage these days demanding functional, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing furniture. This demand stands to be a reason for the popularity of L-shaped desks also known as corner desk that have emerged as a prominent trend in home office setups.

L-shaped desks

After all, a productive work environment requires furniture that can cater to the comfortability aspect of the employee besides serving as a practical choice in home offices. In this blog, we will explore the top reasons why L-shaped desks are trending as home office setups and why they are becoming the go-to choice for modern remote working professionals:

Triggers space utilization

One of the most captivating reasons to get an L-shaped office desk for your home office is the space utilization factor these desks offer. Not everyone has a big home where they can seclude a separate room for setting up a home office and thus they have to settle down for a table and chair in their own room or living area or any other space they can spare for office setup. In such a case, L-shaped desks are a functional option that can be used cleverly for converting those corner spaces into functional workstations.

Also, when you shift these desks towards the walls, you can get enough space in the central area of your room for other activities. Especially for people who live in small apartments and crib about space crunch, L-shaped desks are a savior as they save a lot of space and also help in maintaining the right balance between living space and dedicated workstation.

Allows easy organization

Since L-shaped desks have two connected surfaces, it allows easy organization for all your office essentials. Whilst one side can be solely used for keeping your monitor or laptop, the other side can be used for keeping other work staples such as files, paperwork, stationery, etc.

Such an arrangement helps you stay focused besides minimizing the clutter on the side where you are placing your laptop. So a clutter-free digital space also reduces the chances of you getting lost in your thoughts of being in a wonderland and gives you a segregated place for your work task and storage space.

Enhances productivity

Such a layout also boosts productivity as you are not swayed away by thoughts and have minimum distractions in your digital workspace. Besides, you also do not have to rush to some other area to grab your files and other essentials as they can be easily reached out on the other side of the desk reducing wastage of time.

L-shaped tables promote efficient work practice and ensure that everything is within easy reach. Also, the drawers and compartments that are attached to L-shaped desks get you enough storage space where you can ward off files and other utilities that you do not need often to cut down on visual distractions.

Versatility factor

Besides just offering you a dedicated space to sit and work, L-shaped desks offer you versatility in the designs and patterns that you can buy. These desks do not have to be boring and old-school because they come in a plethora of designs, materials, styles, patterns, and finishes that give you the freedom to choose one based on your choice and aesthetic preferences.

They come in wooden, glass, and metal variants that can be purchased as per the decor theme of your room. Also, they are available in minimalist and sleek designs to add a contemporary vibe to your home workstation. What's more? If you talk about the colors and material finishes, L-shaped desks come in neutral tones as well as bold colors that can smoothly be whisked with the interiors offering a warm ambiance.


In a world that is going all gaga over personalized choices, L-shaped desks can also be personalized as per the choice of the buyer. Ranging from subtle colors to bold ones, textures, and materials, multiple manufacturers and L-shaped desk sellers offer you the choice of selecting and customizing these desks as per your own preferences.

Based on your budget, style choices, interior decor theme, and other factors, you can easily get these desks customized to express your personality and individual taste.

L-shaped desks

Designed keeping ergonomics in mind

Ergonomics has become a prime consideration in today's world where a huge number of employees are falling prey to work-related injuries. Thus, it is important that the desks and chairs that you use for your work are ergonomically adaptable and thus not hamper your health while you sit down to work for long and extended periods.

The good news is that L-shaped desks promote better working posture and also cuts down the risks of accruing health issues such as musculoskeletal problems, posture injuries, etc.

Allows multipurpose usage

With the evolving need for home offices owing to the pandemic-driven work culture, L-shaped desks have turned up as saviors. Besides just letting you sit for an 8-hour job it can cater to a wide range of activities. You can use these tables to switch between office work and leisure work fostering a balance between work and life. They let you work without being distracted and also allow you to give wings to your hobbies, complete projects, and a lot more.

L-shaped desks

They can also accommodate more than one monitor at a time and can still have space for you to place a few more utility items. These desks are also perfect for gamers who spend their free time after work enjoying a gaming marathon. The dual surfaces can also be repurposed for catering to multiple activities apart from just office work. Craft, hobby, gaming, you can think of any random things that require a desk and perform it on this L-shaped desk besides dedicating it as a workstation.

Highly comfortable

L- shaped desks besides fitting into any corner of your room and offering maximum space utility, offer you a spacious desk area wherein you can keep everything of use. With enough surface area, you can easily position your monitor and other things of utility at different places where you can maintain an adequate eye level between your monitor and your eyes. 

Such a home office set up fledged with L-shaped desks also reduces the stress and strain factor caused on the eyes, neck, shoulders and back making it a comfortable option for working in a sustainable work environment. Also, you can switch between standing and seating positions while you work if you purchase a desk that offers height adjustability. This will further prevent posture injuries and adds comfort to your working pattern boosting energy levels and productivity.


L-shaped desks have been highly trending as a home office setup owing to their ability of space maximization, easy organization, and productivity boost. As remote working is becoming highly popular these days, more and more working professionals are opting for L-shaped desks as an aesthetically pleasing solution for their home offices.

So what are you waiting for? If you are someone fighting a space crunch at home and still have to get a desk for your home office, wait no more and bring an L-shaped desk from Easymart that caters to the evolving needs of home offices and offices alike. The store gets you furniture solutions that can leave you spoiled for choice, elevating your work experience and transforming your workspace into a place where you would love to work.

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