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office desks under $200

Stylish Office Desks Under $200: Elevate Your Workspace on a Budget

If you are a working professional, hunching over computers may be a necessity for you in your workplace. You might need to do so while maintaining a definite posture for long hours. You may suffer an injury if you do not pay attention to your sitting posture. While limiting the number of working hours may not be possible for you, a careful selection of office furniture can help you tweak your seating position. This can be a game-changer for enhancing your focus and productivity. If you have not experienced the desired level of comfort even with the best office chair, it is the right time for you to consider investing in a high-quality office desk.

Stylish desks for your workspace under $200

Nowadays, you can choose an office desk that suits your budget. The variety of office desks on the market makes this possible. In this post, you will find information about stylish office desks under $200 for your workspace. Here’s a handy list of different kinds of stylish office desks that you can buy for your workspace without spending a fortune.

  • Artiss Office Computer Desk

With an L-shape design and a couple of open shelves, this office desk can help you amp up your productivity while addressing the space and storage-related needs in your workspace. Apart from being easy to assemble, it also assures longevity due to its sturdy construction. Coupled with these features, it also comes with a cable management system that is tailor-made for the systematic management of extended cables in office space. Thus, it is the ultimate L shaped desk under $200 you need to give a facelift to the appearance of your workspace and also boost your productivity simultaneously. You can either choose a black or white variant of the table, according to your preference.

L shaped desk under $200

Key features:

  1. L-shape design
  2. Easy assembly
  3. Space-saving
  4. Anti-slip base
  5. Sturdy construction
  6. Cable management
  7. 2-tier open shelves
  • Mobile Twin Laptop Computer Desk

It is a computer desk that can accommodate two devices at the same time. Two laptops can be kept on its shelves one after the other, or you can keep a workstation and a laptop together. While some desks in the market support this feature, the Mobile Twin Laptop Computer Desk lets users adjust the height of its two shelves. This feature separates the latter from other desks available in the market. It is lightweight and comes across with wheels, which boosts its desirability and makes it the best standing desk under 200$ for offices.

best standing desk under 200$

Key features:

  1. Portable and lightweight
  2. Adjustable standing height
  3. Two separate tabletops
  4. 360°rotating laptop stand
  5. High flexibility and mobility
  6. Large and smooth surface
  7. Cable storage slot
  8. Detachable CPU sideboard
  • Artiss Metal Computer Office Desk

Simplicity defines the usefulness of this office desk for practical purposes. Its sleek structure makes it conducive to the work environment of office spaces. The primary features of the office table include a sturdy construction, easy assembly, a simplistic yet contemporary design, and more. Moreover, the design of the table is compatible with that of the modern office desks. With this attribute and other characteristics of the table, you can rest assured that you will get good value for money by investing in it.

Artiss Metal Computer Office Desk

Key features:

  1. Easy assembly
  2. Sturdy construction
  3. Adjustable shelves
  4. Simplistic and contemporary design
  5. Three-tier cabinet
  6. Anti-rust metal runner
  • Artiss Office Computer Desk Study Table

If you value a productive office desk with a simple design, you have a good reason to choose the Artiss Office Computer Desk Study Table. It occupies less space due to its simple design. This feature makes it ideal for offices with space-related constraints. The top portion of the table is designed to house a monitor or a laptop. It has a dedicated space for housing a keyboard. It makes up for the absence of the height-adjustment feature with its non-complicated structure.

Artiss Office Computer Desk Study Table

Key features:

  1. Premium construction featuring solid wood
  2. Easy maintenance and cleaning
  3. Rust-proof metal drawer runners
  4. Durable construction
  5. Contemporary two-tone hues
  • Artiss Corner Metal Pull-Out Computer Desk

Armed with x-shaped legs, this computer desk offers the best solution for keeping desks in the corners of rooms and office spaces. Its rectangular shape makes it ideal for the corner portions of such spaces. The pullout desk has a dedicated tray to keep a computer keyboard and work with it conveniently. Due to this feature, you can work for a longer duration without being worried about developing neck pain. The table offers adequate space for not only a laptop but also other study materials. If you take a break while working for longer durations, you can read a book or magazine to use your break productively. Last but not least, the table is lightweight which makes it ideal for moving from one place to the other with ease. 

Key features:

  1. Stylish appearance
  2. Spacious table
  3. Lightweight
  4. Scratch-resistant design
  • Artiss Metal Study Computer Desk

If you are looking for an unconventional office desk with numerous shelves, you would hardly find a better option than this office desk. Despite its simple design, it meets the expectations of its users with finesse. It has four racks along with some barriers featuring bars for keeping files and books. While there is a bar at the bottom between the width of its legs on both sides, there is no bar along both sides of its length. As a result, you can stretch your legs forward without any barrier, which will allow you to relax the waist and back portions of your body while working for longer hours.

Artiss Metal Study Computer Desk

Key features:

  1. Easy assembly
  2. Simple silhouette design
  3. Smooth and safe edges
  4. Compact design

Things to keep in mind while buying an office desk

Buying a desk may not be as easy as it seems. However, you can simplify it by focusing on your budget and the availability of space in your office room or cabin. Here is a list of the top four things that will guide you in choosing the right kind of desk for your office requirements.

  • Availability of space in your cabin: This is the vital factor that will determine the type of office desk you will buy. You can choose an L-shape desk or a standard desk, depending on the spaces along the length and the breadth as well as the corners of your room or cabin.
  • Operational needs: Oftentimes, operational needs vary from one workspace to the other. If conducting meetings is at the top of your list of priorities, you can consider investing in an office desk that allows several people to sit together. Likewise, you can buy an office desk with shelves if you need to keep different objects alongside a workstation or laptop.
  • Practicality: Nowadays, office desks are available in distinct designs to serve purposes. Whether an office desk is good for you or not will depend on its usefulness for fulfilling the purpose for which you wish to buy it.
  • Quality: The prices of some office desks in the market are deceptively low. Falling for such desks without checking their quality can give you a headache later on. Instead, you would be better off going for a quality unit even if it means spending a bit more.


Working for longer durations can be an inseparable element of your life if you are a working professional. By choosing the right kind of office desk, you can relieve your neck pain without compromising your productivity. If you have been looking for a desk under $200, you can invest in one of the above units for the best outcomes.

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