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The Need for Doggy Pram & Cat Pram

The Need for Doggy Pram & Cat Pram

Pet strollers, or more correctly, doggy prams and pet chairs are designed to provide a comfortable and safe place for your furry friend to have a long and happy sleep. Many dog strollers have an added feature that allows you to turn the dog seat to face the bed or side of the house for more cosy night sleep.

The cat/dog pushchairs are made from durable fabric materials that can stand the test of time & heavy daily usage. They are capable of holding up to all kinds of weather conditions. They can be used outside or inside your home or office. They can be used to take your dog out to the vet, for a walk in the neighbourhood, nearest park, or take him or her shopping. With a suitable size doggy pram or cat pram, you can keep your pet in front of your eyes while doing household chores around the house.

Types of Pet Strollers | Dog Stroller & Cat Pram

While a myriad of pet strollers are available online, sit-stay-fetch and walk-and-stand strollers are the most common.

Let us into some key features of a walk-and-stand dog stroller:

  • These types of strollers have two separate pieces that allow you to move the dog from place to place using the pusher on each piece, which makes the stroller very easy to fold and transport.
  • The dog seat is usually on the front of the stroller and the pusher can be moved to the back.
  • The sit and stay stroller have a similar design, but it has an integral front piece that flips upward when you push the stroller towards the dog.
  • These types of strollers usually have one or two wheels that allow the dog to move quietly and comfortably in the back seat.

Most dog prams for sale have a harness strap with a handle, and some come with a carrier strap as well. You can also purchase doggy pram pads to use underneath the dog seat for comfort. These pads can be washed in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. They can be bought from your local pet store or supply store. Some stores offer a refund if you change your mind after you have made your purchase.

How to Purchase the Right Doggy Pram?

When looking for a dog stroller, you need to consider several important factors, such as the size and weight of your dog.

  • Size of your dog: If you have a large dog, you will want a stroller that is more durable and strong so it can handle the extra weight. The dog pram should be well-constructed & able to bear weight up to 150 pounds. It should feature meshed sides, back & top for proper light & air circulation.

You also need to look at how many points of support the stroller has.

  • The Number of pets you have: If you have more than one dog or a dog & a cat, you can go for strollers with 2 compartments. These strollers are designed to accommodate more than 1 pet & feature ample room, multiple leash attachments, a sturdy frame & durable materials to endure wear & tear.
  • The purpose of the stroller: A basic stroller would do the task if you want to take your pet for an evening stroll in the neighbourhood. However, if you plan to go shopping, jogging & long road trips with your pet, you will need a doggy pram with additional features.
  • Pet Stroller for small dogs & cats: Doggy Pram & cat pram are ideal for people who own pets that are under 20 pounds of weight. The prams feature meshed windows so that your pet can relish the outside view while passing by. Moreover, it has a basket & side hook to let you carry essentials for your pet when you move out such as a water bottle, treats, & carry bags.

Benefits of Dog Stroller & Cat Pram

  • Create a readily available buffer zone for your pet.
  • Reduces confrontations with people, thus keeps away anxiety
  • Helps your pet relax & relish its privacy
  • Boon to sick, injured & older pets
  • Visits to vets, nearby park, family & friends are made easier

Please browse through the exclusive range of dog prams for sale & cat trees for sale available online to find the one that best meets your pet’s requirements.

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