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Top 3 Best Cheap Computer Desks You Must Buy!

We live in a world of technology, to the extent that more than 90% of our work is computer-based. In a situation where gadgets like computers work so well for us, we must keep them clean and well maintained to make them work longer.  Computers are essential to our work and thus require a maintained space system. 

Know the top 3 best and cheap computer desks that you must buy before the next time you start working on your screen in this article!

1. Artiss Office Storage Computer Desk

The Artiss Office Storage Computer Desk is meticulously built of solid manufactured wood with a melamine facade finish to ensure long-lasting and robust use. Not only does the Desk look amazing, but it is also designed to keep all of your working and thinking fundamentals close at hand. With enough extra space for a large cabinet and a large bureau, our Computer Desk serves you in more ways than one. Lastly, the robust foundation and anti-rust metal cabinet sprinters ensure that this outfit will not disappoint you. The neutral white Artiss Desk is an excellent complement to any home aesthetic plan and is simple to clean and maintain.

Specifications of the same are as follows: 

  • Engineered framed wood is used. 
  • The size is about 100cm x 40cm x 73cm. 

Price range$94. 

2. Artiss 2 Drawer Wood Computer Desk

The Artiss Computer Desk is a fantastic realization of the decision to seek a Scandinavian design ethos of extraordinary simplicity and practicality. You'll adore the primary lines highlighting its minimalist inclinations and modern two-tone tones. The computer desk has a sturdy wooden structure lasting 15mm thick particle board frame with a smooth paper veneer finish, an anti-scratch base, a practical single drawer with adjoining open storage, and other magnificent elements that set it apart. The distinctive splayed rubber wood legs give the outfit a classic yet contemporary feel. With this Nordic-inspired computer desk, you can enjoy functional sophistication in an exquisite design.

 Specifications of the same are as follows: 

  • 15mm particle board + rubber wood legs material is used. 
  • Paper veneer is used to give the finishing to the product. 
  • The dimension of the desk is 90cmx45cmx77cm. 

Price range:  $114 

3. Artiss Corner Study Table or Office Computer Desk with Storage Solution

Everyone aspires to have a friendly and suitable workstation for themselves. However, many individuals struggle to do this because they lack this unique artiss corner study table. The most intriguing feature of this table is its ample storage capacity, which allows you to store your belongings in a tidy and orderly manner. This artiss office computer desk looks fantastic in white. Because of its large size, this table is suitable for office and household use. It is a work of art due to its robust frame construction and flawless finishing. This L-shaped table takes very little room and can be effortlessly placed in any corner.

Furthermore, assembling this L-shaped desk is simple and has rubber anti-slip legs at the bottom. This melamine-finished office computer desk is made of 15mm high-quality particleboard. As a result, this desk is extremely sturdy and has a beautiful appearance. With this study table/ office shelf, you can load 40 kgs on the tabletop and 10 kgs on the shelf.

The features and specifications of the same are as follows: 

  • This shelf is suitable for an office desk or a study table.
  • This shelf is available in wood and white with a melamine finish and looks fantastic.
  • This desk's L-shaped design makes it seem fantastic. It also saves a lot of space and can be easily placed in any corner.
  • This desk has ample room to store essential items effortlessly. There are four workstations where you may keep your belongings arranged.
  • This desk is very simple to install and has a very solid structure.
  • It is made of a 15mm particle, which offers higher build quality and a longer lifespan.
  • The bookcase's overall measurements are 126cm x 28.5cm x 71cm.
  • The tabletop weighs 40kg, but the shelf weighs just 10kg.
  • The overall measurements of the desk are 130cm x 60cm x 75cm.

Price:  $166 approx


To bind it all up, it is very important to say that computer desks can change the whole tangent of your room in a very aesthetic way. A suitable computer desk near you can attract your attention, and you will eventually be more inclined toward your work. Having that quiet spot and a very work environment can make you more productive. Having that in the notice, there is nothing better than finding an inexpensive version. Get your order placed for a more productive and fun experience next time you start working. 

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