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GO Top Shelf With Hanging Rail To Suit GO Heavy Duty Stationery Cupboards

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Color: Silver Grey


Go top shelf with clothing hanging rail is the best product you can find online that is compatible with your Go heavy-duty stationery cupboard. Now convert your simple swing door Go stationery cupboard in a useful one that hangs all of your clothes in it, you can hang your jackets, uniforms, coats and many other clothes in it so they remain well pressed, another advantage is that your clothes will remain away from dust and will remain clean in your go stationery cupboard. You can also use the shelf for accommodating your folded clothes. you can put a lot of your folded clothes one at the top of the other in it and still can save a lot of space for your other goods. The multipurpose Go top shelf can also be used for purposes other than your clothes. you can use it for putting a bundle of books on the top or any other useful stuff you want to put in there. If we talk about the quality of the product, it’s the best quality you can find. The product is made up of the best material so it can bear heavyweight. The company claims a 10-year warranty on the product, you can imagine the quality of the product if the company is claiming such a long period of warranty. The Go top shelf with hanging rail comes in a silver-grey color which matches with your go stationery cupboard color and gives a unique look.


  • Multi-purpose use.
  • Silver grey color.
  • 10-year warranty period.
  • Different size options.
  • Best quality material.
  • Compatible with go stationery cupboard.


  • GCWSG – Fits GO Cupboard
  • GCA20
  • GCA18
  • GCA10


Box Number
Depth Height CBM
Box 1/2
520mm 170mm
Box 2/2 390mm 910mm 30mm 0.01 5kg

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