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High Bar Table

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Color: Natural White


This high bar table is all you need that best fits for outdoor. These tables are the best choices for outdoor usage as in bars and even restaurants, they are found to be very comfortable for the customers. The high bar table outdoor purpose is to provide easier access while picking and putting down foods and drinks from the table.


  • COLORS: This versatile table comes up with five amazing colors (natural white, oak, gray, beech, cherry)
  • WARRANTY: 3-year warranty is what you can expect from a high-quality table for your satisfaction.
  • STRONG STEEL FRAME: The steel frame of the table is made with the best materials so the table can last for many years hence you are free of worries about buying a new one.
  • FEET ADJUSTABLE: The table’s wide structure also provides space good enough to eliminate problems while taking a seat.

 These all features makes it a perfect option to buy if you are looking for a high stool chair. For better understanding different Specification and Box Dimensions are provided below-


Top Length Top Width Height
1800mm 900mm 1050mm



Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
HBT189 Box 1/3 890mm 1100mm 190mm - 18.5kg
HBT189 Box 2/3 100mm 1720mm 80mm - 9kg
HBT189 Box 3/3 960mm 1860mm 40mm - 32kg

Customer Reviews

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Good quality bar table at low cost

Very happy with the table received. Great service