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Span Desks – Beech Tops

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Color: White


The one thing that we all need while working or studying in the comfort of sitting along with placing the materials efficiently to focus on what we are doing. Witnessing the need for such a comfortable desk, we are presenting the rapid-span desks. These cheap office workstations are versatile desk and it also allows you to choose the color of the span desk. The top size of this rapid-span desk varies depending on your need. It also has the option to buy matching storages and tables that make your workplace look cool and professional. This rapid-span desk also has an adjusting legs feature that makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed while working. So, don’t waste your time and get yours soon.


  • This rapid span desk comes with a one-piece top that has holes for cable entry making it more feasible
  • This desk can be used to create a cheap office workstation as it has the option of buying a table and storages with it
  • This rapid span desk has a color option of two that is black and white, both giving a professional look
  • The metal powder-coated leg of the table avoids corrosion and rust
  • The top of this cheap office workstation is made from perforated metal modesty 
  • This rapid span desk has a feature of adjusting feet while working that you cannot resist not to buy
  • It has an E1 Enviroboard that makes the span desk durable
  • The depth and height of this rapid-span desk are 700mm and 730mm respectively. The width of the chair has three options- 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm depending on the area of your workplace


Depth Height
700mm 730mm
1500mm 700mm 730mm
1200mm 700mm 730mm



Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
RSD187 BOX 1/3 760mm 1860mm 40mm 0.06 25kg
RSD187 BOX 2/3 330mm 1590mm 35mm 0.02 4kg
RSD187 BOX 3/3 620mm 750mm 140mm 0.07 5kg
RSD157 BOX 1/3 765mm 1570mm 35mm 0.04 20kg
RSD157 BOX 2/3 330mm 1300mm 35mm 0.02 3kg
RSD157 BOX 3/3 620mm 750mm 140mm 0.07 5kg
RSD127 BOX 1/3 750mm 1250mm 40mm 0.04 17kg
RSD127 BOX 2/3 330mm 990mm 35mm 0.01 2kg
RSD127 BOX 3/3 620mm 750mm 140mm 0.07 5kg

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