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Steel Table Frame

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Color: Black


Customizing tables has now become easy as we brought you this fantastic steel table frame. It is made up of 40 mm steel tubes which give it high strength and capability to make a robust table. You can also fix tops of your choice on this steel table frame as it is compatible with numerous types of tops. Most importantly, this frame is free from factors like corrosion and rusting. Apart from that it has a black color and is available in 4 size variants which let you choose what suits you the best. So, hurry up! Grab this now as we are running out of stock very soon.


  • This steel table frame is available in black powder coat finish which looks good and is corrosion or rust-free
  • It has 4 size variants based on table-top compatibilities having the dimensions (in mm) as follows- 1200*600, 1500*750, 1800*750, and 1800*900
  • There are 2 frame height variants having heights as - 705 mm and 875 mm
  • Build material of this frame is heavy-duty steel in the form of 40mm tubes 
  • It is backed up by a warranty of 3 years


  • 705mm High Frame – 730mm High with Top
  • Available for 1200 x 600 Top, 1500 x 750 Top, 1800 x 750 Top and 1800 x 900 Top
  • 875mm High Frame – 900mm High with Top
  • Available for 1500 x 750 Top and 1800 x 900 Top


      Frame Height For Top Size
      705mm 1200 x 600mm
      705mm 1500 x 750mm
      705mm 1800 x 750mm
      705mm 1800 x 900mm
      875mm 1500 x 750mm
      875mm 1800 x 900mm


      Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
      F126 Box 1/2 620mm 780mm 140mm 0.07 7kg
      F126 Box 2/2 50mm 1120mm 50mm 0 2.5kg
      F1575 Box 1/2 770mm 770mm 140mm 0.08 8kg
      F1575 Box 2/2 50mm 1420mm 50mm 0 3kg
      F1875 Box 1/2 770mm 770mm 140mm 0.08 9kg
      F1875 Box 2/2 50mm 1730mm 50mm 0 3kg
      F189 F1875 Box 1/2 140mm 930mm 770mm 0.1 9kg
      F189 F1875 Box 2/2 50mm 1720mm 50mm 0 3kg
      9F1575 Box 1/2 760mm 960mm 750mm 0.55 8kg
      9F1575 Box 2/2 50mm 1400mm 50mm 0 3kg
      9F189 Box 1/2 860mm 960mm 750mm 0.62 9kg
      9F189 Box 2/2 50mm 1700mm 50mm 0 8kg

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