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Yamasaki Coloured Martial Arts Belts (Black And White Belt)

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Color: Red/Black


Today we bring to you the finest quality Yamazaki deluxe black stripes karate belts which is the pride of every karate artist. This Yamasaki karate belt is beautiful to look at and is used in all martial arts schools in Australia. Yamasaki Karate belt is known for its quality and is made using the best quality materials of the industry. Hence it is used over in Australia. This Yamasaki karate belt comes with black stripes and gives a great style. This belt is a great choice for any karate artist looking for signifier intermediate promotion between rank belt promotions. These karate belts used 100% cotton material which further enhances its quality and gives you the feel of a premium karate belt. Our top-quality karate belts offer you winning, a combination of durability, comfort, function, and style. Because of its excellent quality that's why Yamasaki karate belt is used by all martial arts schools in Australia. This Yamasaki karate belt is also heavily stitched to maintain durability. Yamasaki karate belt also ensures that your uniform does not get damaged after wearing it and it does not leave any color. The Yamasaki belt plays its full role in maintaining the elegance of karate and also leaves a deep impression in the minds of all martial arts artists. You can also buy this for the martial arts artist of your school and also give this belt to them for good performance.


  • These Yamazaki black stripes karate belts are using 100% cotton material
  • It always maintains your uniform as the color of these karate belts will not run or fade into the uniform
  • These karate belts come with international regulations size and standard (4cm wide)
  • This karate belt is ideal for all types of grading and it is industrial machine stitched
  • You get to see the traditional stiff belt finish in these karate belts

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