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5 Essential Dog Car Accessories for a Peaceful Road Trip

5 Essential Dog Car Accessories for a Peaceful Road Trip

Are you gearing up for the next road trip with your dog? Want to make the ride enjoyable & a memorable one? If yes, you are at the right place because you will need some dog car accessories to ensure your pet’s safety & comfort as you hit the road for longer trips.

However, before getting to the essential dog car accessories, let us understand their need for road trips.

Why you need dog car accessories?

For dog owners, the dogs are much more than just pets. They are considered an important member of the family. And dog owners desire to take them everywhere, including car rides, whether short or long trips. However, having a dog in the car can turn out to be quite demanding. Dog hair & muddy paw stains on your car seats can annoy you over time. 

Moreover, the dogs may struggle & get anxious on longer road trips – thinking they are trapped in a big moving thing. While many dogs relish car rides, some may whine or drool. If your pet isn’t happy & comfortable, it can make everyone else in the car feel miserable. Indeed, a dog on a ride is a lot of fun & a lot more to oversee.

So, how can you effectively deal with these issues & yet keep the spirit of road trips very much alive with your pets? The apparent solution is – dog car accessories.

Dog Car Travel Accessories make your road trips easier & canine-friendly. Whether you are planning to hike & camp, visit family-friends, or hit the new streets & towns, the unparalleled adventure awaits you & your pet!

Listed below is a list of handful of necessary items that you shouldn’t leave your home without for the sake of peace & fun all through the road trip.

Top-notch Dog Car Travel Accessories

These essential gears assure the safety & comfort of your dog, both on & off the road.

1). Dog Car Seat Belt for Safety: Dog seat belts are suitable for both small & larger dogs. Since cars’ safety features are designed for humans only, the dog’s seat belt ensures your pet’s safety inside the vehicle. This seat belt can be clipped to your dog’s harness and locked into the car’s seat belt buckle. It prevents any forward momentum of your pet

Tip: Do not pass the seat belt through a regular harness or collar. It should instead be securely tied around the dog’s body. Doing so will spread the pulling force of the leash along your dog’s chest & back in case of an accident or sudden change of speed. It thus prevents any potential neck injury.

2). Seat Hammock: Seat hammocks are great companions if your road trip involves many activities such as hiking, camping & outdoor strolling. They are usually waterproof and keep the dirt & paw prints at bay. In addition to that, hammocks prevent your pet from falling into the foot space, thus allowing the pet to sit still & lay down easily as you undertake a road journey.

3). Dog Pram: Dog Prams / Strollers are considered great dog accessories by most dog owners. It makes traveling with a puppy & small breeds of dog easy peasy. While dog pram provides privacy to tired & unwell dogs, it offers them a safe & secure environment while you venture into unexplored places.

Dog Stroller can be used round the year. It provides your pet with shade from the hot sun & the mesh windows ensure proper airflow & keep the pram ventilated. Research has shown that dogs easily adjust to the strollers as they realize it for their benefit. Prams can also be used for delightful trips to parks, for necessary visits to the vet, and to protect their paws in harsh weather conditions.

4). Travel water bowls: Travel water bowls for dogs are a must to keep your dog hydrated & well-fed as you move outdoors. Packing & storing them for travel is easy as they are made to collapse & occupy as little space as possible. They are incredibly light-weight, durable & made from non-toxic materials. You can grab two of these (one for water & the other for food) for your car ride.

Dozens of styles & sizes of collapsible water bowls for dogs are available in the market today to meet the needs of both small & big pooches.

5). First Aid kit for your pooch: Carrying a few first aid items while you travel may help your pet, just in case. You may include tweezers, a soft washable blanket & cold pack, gauze & antiseptic, grooming wipes & gloves in your pet first aid kit as you plan your travel. Ensure keeping the contact numbers of dog feeding station Australia & animal poison control for emergencies.

You can customize the kit or purchase already-prepared first-aid equipment from the retailers.

Tip: Ensure carrying a few treats & chew toys on board as they relieve your dog of stress & anxiety and keep them occupied during the travel.


Dog Car Accessories not only keep your dog happy, comfortable & safe, but they also keep you from worrying about your pet & let you relish wonderful moments on the road & off.

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