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Christmas Sale | Get Up to 50% OFF
Christmas Sale | Get Up to 50% OFF

Workstation Screens

  • Rapidline Height Adjustable Halo+ Corner Workstation

    Original price $1,673.75 - Original price $2,258.75
    Original price $1,673.75 - Original price $2,258.75
    Original price $1,673.75
    from $1,339.00

    Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $334.75 .

    $1,339.00 - $1,807.00
    Current price $1,339.00

    Description The latest addition to our height-adjustable range, the Halo+. This desk features a stylish designer round leg and offers the convenien...

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  • Rapidline Eco Panel Desk Mounted Screen

    Original price $212.50 - Original price $242.50
    Original price $212.50 - Original price $242.50
    Original price $212.50
    from $170.00

    Pay in 4 interest-free payments of $42.50 .

    $170.00 - $194.00
    Current price $170.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Privacy is one of the most important things in the world which everyone wants to have and it is their right too. So, why don’t ...

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Buy workstation screens online to promote safety and wellness in offices

Every employer desires to create the best work environment for the employees that ensures safety, privacy, and productivity. Using workstation divider screens can be a great solution to ensure privacy & efficiency in the offices.

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Nowadays, every company prefers to redesign their office post-Covid to promote wellness and safety for all employees. Incorporating workstation screens in the offices provides privacy and also acts as a barrier to the spread of illnesses.

If you are looking for the best quality workstation screens in Australia, then you are in the right place. Finding quality workstation divider screens is a breeze when you visit the online store of EasyMart. They offer a variety of divider screens that are specially designed to keep the employees safe. Besides, it is a great way to add privacy between two employees sitting next to each other.

The Need for Workstation Divider Screen in post-covid Offices

Also known as office screens, workstation screens are playing a significant role in designing the layout of post-covid offices. While the offices are reopening & businesses are regaining pace, it is crucial to abide by the social distancing & other safety norms rolled by the WHO & government. That’s precisely where workstation dividers spring into action.

Workstation screens serve as a barrier between two employees sitting adjacent to the office. They are partitions between workstations that are in front & to the side of an employee. They enable them to maintain social distance, preventing the deadly COVID-19 from spreading. Moreover, barriers render extra privacy to each employee, making scope for focus on the job.

Some added benefits of workstation dividers are listed below:

  • They can be instantly incorporated when cubicles are needed in an open-plan office.
  • You get to choose the height of the partitions as required.
  • They can be easily brought down when collaboration or teamwork is required, rather than gathering in closed conference rooms.
  • They create dedicated workspaces, minimizing the possibility of space invasion by others
  • They cut down the sound from inside & outside of the office
  • They render a modern & voguish appearance to the workplace.
  • They are space savers & provide flexibility to move around in the office

How workstation screens provide safety and wellness

Ensuring the safety of employees is the responsibility of every employer, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Workstation screens are a great remedy to give a safe and healthy environment to the employees. Besides, your staff can enjoy sufficient privacy because of divider screens.

Some of the features and benefits of workstation divider screens are listed below:

  • They are feasible alternatives to desk partitions
  • Beneficial to prevent the spread of harmful viruses in your office
  • Effective to maintain social distance
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Capable of noise reduction
  • Suitable for all workstation and desk ranges
  • Can be installed without any tools

Workstation screens help employees maintain social distancing in your office. It is a great alternative for cubicle partitions. If you are looking for durable and high-quality workstation divider screens to ensure safety for your staff, you can find a wide range of them at EasyMart. They are one of the leading web stores in Australia that deals with different types of office furniture. Visit their online store today to explore the different designs and specifications of workstation screens.

Why Choose EasyMart to buy Workstation Screens?

EasyMart is a renowned web store that has been catering to the furniture requirements of its valued customers for the last many years. It deals in an extensive range of home & office furniture & accessories, including meeting tables, ergonomic chairs, office lockers, workstation screens & dividers.

Here’s why you should purchase workstation dividers from EasyMart:

  • Freestanding & robust workstation dividers
  • Extensive range of office dividers with different specifications
  • Versatile & flexible designs to complement the internal decor
  • Furniture available at affordable prices
  • Expedited & hassle-free delivery services
  • Nationwide chain of warehouses
  • Partnership with world-class manufacturers to ensure the fine quality of office screens

If you are searching for good-quality workstation screens for your open-plan office, you are in the right place. At EasyMart, you get access to a vast range of workstations to choose from that complement your place’s internal decor, that too at extremely affordable prices.

Visit the EasyMart website today to explore its large collection & find the best-suited for your requirements.


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