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7 Best kid-friendly pets to consider for your children

7 Best kid-friendly pets to consider for your children

Are you looking for a good pet cage for the new addition to your family? Your children love the idea of having a pet. It shall be an exciting and rewarding thing that you can do for them. Besides, it is a way to make a lifestyle change. When it comes to pets, you can find so many options other than dogs and cats. And children love furry and cuddly pets, which can be easier to care for. Bringing a pet helps children develop some social skills, and they will establish a good bond with the pet. Let us check some of the affordable and easy-to-care pets for your children in this post.


Benefits of having a pet

The benefits of having a pet are many beyond just excitement and joy. Of course, the presence of a pet can make you happy, be it a lazy kitten or an active puppy. Kids can evolve and learn many things in their growing years if they have a pet. They love to buy cat scratching poles trees for their feline friends and kennels for furry companions. In fact, pets make children more compassionate and caring and help for their emotional development. 

Best pet suggestions for children

If you are ready to welcome a pet for your kids, it is a good decision for their mental and emotional development. Before head over to the nearest pet store, you need to decide which pet is best for your child. Nobody can tell that a particular animal is a right choice for your child. But choose pets based on the personality traits of your children. The best 7 kid-friendly pets are:

  • Birds

Birds could be the right choice for children who love to have a pet to care for and bond with. A highlight of birds is that they do not require high maintenance like cats or dogs. Still, they are intelligent creatures with amazing personalities. Feed them properly is important. At the same time, understand their needs and give them an enriched environment to live in. Search for bird cages for sale for providing shelter for your feathery friends.

  • Cats

Kids love fluffy little cats as they are wonderful house pets. These playful animals need less maintenance and care compared to dogs. Cats are not as energetic as dogs and cannot keep up for several hours of playtime. They require a large space to wander and hide throughout the day. Buying a few cat scratching poles trees is a wise idea so that your feline friends can climb on them throughout the day. Also, get a good cat stroller in Australia to take your pet outdoors. 

  • Rabbits

Many people prefer to have rabbits, and they are kid-friendly as well. If you are looking for a pet for your children, rabbits are a good option. Very inquisitive and intelligent, your kids love to play with their bunny friends. It is better to keep them in pairs. Buy the right pet cage for your rabbit to provide them a safe shelter.

  • Dogs

Kids are crazy about dogs, and they are simply the best. But they are among the pets that need high maintenance. But having a puppy pet is an incredible experience. Ensure to buy a durable and comfortable dog pram to provide a safe shelter for your puppy to relax and sleep.

  • Lizards

Your children love the idea of having a unique animal as their pet, and lizards are incredible pets. But decide the type of lizard that you love to bring. Leopard gecko is a good starter as you can take care of them without UV lighting. Iguanas and bearded dragons are also good recommendations for children who love to rear lizards. Lizards are unique and have varying behaviors and requirements. Feed them correctly and providing the right environment with appropriate light and heat is essential if you bring lizards into your house.

  • Fish

Another great starter pet for your children is fish, and you can find them in different ranges, from simple to complicated types. Many children have a passion for Aquarian pets, and fish is one of them. Set up a fish tank and start your collection with freshwater ones.

  • Rats

Rats are incredible pets for kids and are intelligent and sociable if they are well kept. Ensure to provide them enrichment opportunities and keep an eye on their health. Select a suitable pet cage for your rats to ensure their happiness.


Your children love the idea of having a pet, whether it is a cat, rabbit, or fish. But choose the right pet only after considering the personality of your child. Adding a pet to your family helps your child to improve his or her social skills and emotional development. But ensure to provide the right environment for the pet for its growth. Buy a few cat scratching poles trees for your feline pet and build a kennel for puppies. Whether you look for a bird aviary for sale or a cat stroller in Australia, you can find them online at affordable rates.

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