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full body dumbbell workout

A Beginner’s Guide to Full Body Dumbbell Workout at Home- Curated by Easymart

Do you know anybody who can change their entire body within a month with a pair of dumbbells and a good workout plan? They can enjoy guaranteed results if they follow a full body dumbbell workout for a month. More and more people use dumbbells for their home workouts because of their benefits for the entire body. And you can enjoy the best results in a short period of time with a few sets of dumbbells and some basic exercises. Search dumbbells for sale online so that you can buy a few of them at affordable prices to reach your fitness goals.

Dumbbells for sale

Make a home dumbbell workout plan

 There is no better way to strengthen your body than using dumbbells. Many people believe that they can build a strong and appealing physique only by hitting a fancy gym with expensive gym equipment. Make a plan for a full-body workout for beginners with dumbbells to acquire your dream physique. You can build a strong body if you include a thirty-minute full-body dumbbell workout plan for a month. With a pair of dumbbells, you can work on all main muscle groups in the body.

Why dumbbell exercises work

You can give exercises to the entire body with dumbbells. With a proper workout plan, you can hit all body muscles, including the arms, legs, abs, chest, shoulders, and back if you buy weights and use them correctly. The advantage of this exercise is that fitness lovers can work out one side of their body at a time with dumbbells. These exercises are beneficial to correct if you have developed any strength imbalances. You can move each limb independently while working out with dumbbells. With a 5-day dumbbell workout plan, you can build abs and stabilize the core.

Buy Dumbbells for resistance training

Resistance workouts are very effective and can do wonders for your body. Buy dumbbells if you are a beginner and desire to add strength training in your daily workouts. Getting started is tough for anybody, and a home dumbbell workout plan is a great way to start. In fact, free weights are easy for beginners to handle and manage. In addition, adjust your load is easy with dumbbells and gives you many options for modifying moves based on your fitness level and needs.

Best exercises for full body dumbbell workout

Dumbbells are available in different weights, shapes, and materials to fulfill the needs of fitness lovers. Many people prefer to perform dumbbell chest exercises at home because of the benefits that it offers. It is a fine way to activate different muscles in the body and boosts muscle growth. Perform your dumbbell exercises correctly, even if you do only ten repetitions. Take a look at a few best exercises for a full-body dumbbell workout:

Dumbbells for sale

  • Goblet Squat

You can do this exercise with only one dumbbell. And when you do it with one dumbbell, it looks as if you are holding a goblet. Many beginners find it a great way to start squatting. Fitness lovers can do this exercise by using one or two dumbbells. These workouts can place intense stress on your glutes and quadriceps and help to develop strong muscles. You can try goblet squat for size and strength gains.

  • Shoulder Press

It is certainly a good full-body dumbbell workout plan for beginners. They can do this exercise by sitting or standing. But the seated version is more suitable for them as it can offer more support. Besides, it helps them to learn proper form and build strength. Performing a standing version of the shoulder press is more effective in working your core better.

  • Dumbbell Row

If you plan for a dumbbell back workout at home, this is the right workout for you. It is an effective exercise to build a strong back. Dumbbell row can strengthen your core, upper arms, and shoulders. With strong muscles and healthy shoulders and arms, you can carry out your everyday activities ease if you do this dumbbell workout regularly. But ensure to do this one-arm dumbbell exercise carefully as improper workouts can be painful. This exercise makes you more capable of lifting and carrying things effortlessly.

  • Stiff Legged Deadlift

This full-body dumbbell workout is very effective for increasing muscular strength. Several explosive and powerful movements are there in this workout which mainly target hip extension and flexion. Fitness freaks can build strength in their glutes and hamstrings with this workout. They can also improve lower body strength with this dumbbell exercise. When you perform this workout, your legs are almost stiff, and for this reason, it got this name. Working on the flexibility of your hamstring is important to do this exercise smoothly.

  • Chest Press

A bench is required to perform this exercise. Those who cannot access a bench can use a mat to do this exercise. It is one of the best dumbbell chest exercises at home beneficial to increase your upper body strength. Include this full-body dumbbell workout in your routine to increase your overall chest and strength of shoulders. You can blast your core and level up performance if you incorporate dumbbell chest press in your exercise regime.


With a 5-day dumbbell workout, you can achieve strength and mass goals. Whatever may be your fitness level, dumbbells are great for strength training. Many fitness enthusiasts use them to increase their metabolism and boost lean muscle mass. Browse dumbbell for sale online to buy weights to fulfill your fitness needs.

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