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A quick guide to sit-stand desks: Desks that are transforming workspaces

A quick guide to sit-stand desks: Desks that are transforming workspaces

Sitting may make you feel comfortable while working, but sitting continuously throughout the day is not good for your health. Multiple researches and studies prove that long sitting hours result in adverse health consequences. Also, you do not lose any calories while sitting and turn to face obesity and weight gain-related issues. This has become a common scenario in workplaces and is posing some serious concerns. So, how can you fight such an evil and illnesses that result from extended sitting hours? The simple answer is to introduce ergonomic sit-stand desks in offices that allow the employees to stand comfortably while working.

These office desks are height adjustable and have shown impressive results over time in increasing productivity and providing health benefits. Read on to find out how these sit-stand desks are proving as a beneficial addition to offices and how it has been transforming the current office landscape:

Benefits of sit-stand desks

Being seated for an extended period during working hours can raise several health concerns. Thus, research studies have shown a shift towards sit-and-stand desks that allow employees to alternate between sitting and standing to reduce the risk of accruing health issues. Want to know how the top rated standing desks prove to be beneficial for offices? Read on to find it out yourself:

  • Helps stay fit and fight obesity: All the calories that you consume throughout the day should be burned to keep your calorie count in control. But it doesn't happen when you sit glued to your chair without moving an inch, resulting in weight gain and obesity. While one of the most prevalent ways to lose weight and conquer the calorie-burning task is exercise, you also tend to burn calories when you choose to stand and sit during your work schedule. Standing and working causes a few extra calories to burn, and this calorific difference can bring down metabolic diseases and other obesity-related issues.
  • Sit-Stand Desks Smooth Out Post-Lunch Energy Crashes: Going by research, it is believed that a person who stands for about 3 hours during work hours after having lunch experiences a reduction in blood sugar spike by an average of 43% in comparison to a person who sits and works continuously. Thus, sit stand desks also help reduce blood sugar levels considerably.
  • Reduces back pain: Back pain comes associated with long sitting hours. Ask about back pain to the employees of an office and half of them will be seen complaining about backache. A way to combat such back pain battles is to use a sit stand desk that can reduce back pain issues after using these desks consistently.
  • Sit-Stand Desks Pump Up Cardiovascular Health: Standing is good for the heart. On the contrary, sitting for long hours and following a sedentary lifestyle brings a hike in people suffering from heart disease. Thus, bringing a sit stand desk proves beneficial for heart health and also reduces the chances of accruing heart-related diseases.
  • Boosts productivity: Yes, you have heard that right! Standing while working also makes you feel more creative and productive. Not only do these desks have health benefits, but they also enhance the overall well-being of an individual. People who use standing desks are prone to experience less stress and tiredness and are more energetic compared to their colleagues who prefer to sit all day. Thus, they prove to be more creative and productive and also experience better mental health.
  • Ensures a healthy life: A sedentary lifestyle has given birth to various health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, and many similar health issues. According to a study, it is believed that people who sit and work are at a higher risk of dying an early death compared to people who alternate between sitting and standing in between work. Thus, people using sit stand desks are more prone to live a longer life.

Tips to optimize sit stand desks to make the  most out of it

Sit stand desks are a great ergonomic choice, but you need to optimize them to meet the needs and requirements of the user. Here is how you can optimize a sit stand desk: 

Find the right height desk

While picking a sit stand desk, you need to make sure you pick the proper height adjustable standing desk that allow you to work comfortably. The height of the desk should be adjustable such that you can conveniently place your elbow over the desk in a posture where your forearms are in a position parallel to the floor. This will help you find an easy setup for the sit stand desk that aligns with your requirements. For more insightful reads and similar Blog, check out our blog on Office Desks Under $200.

Maintain the right distance between the staples that occupy your desk

If you do not wish to strain or put unnecessary pressure on your body while standing and working, you must maintain the right space between the desk essentials. For example, the mouse should stay close to the keyboard, and regular usage stationery should be within close reach of your hands to avoid any unnatural and stressed position while working. 

Get a monitor or laptop of the right height

The height of the monitor, when placed over the sit stand desk, should match your eye level. The screen should stay a little bit tilted towards the backward direction to prevent tilting of the neck, which can cause unnecessary stress and strain on your body.

Tips to maintain the right posture while using a standing desk

We are pretty sure that you might be overwhelmed with the amazing benefits that a standing desk offers and must have made up your mind to buy one. But buying a sit-stand desk is not enough. You should also be aware of proper usage to make the most out of such desks. Here is how you should use a standing desk without stressing yourself:

  • Take the right position: While using a standing desk, your body shouldn't slouch over the desk to maintain the right working posture. The computer screen and the eyes of the user should maintain an adequate distance between each other, ideally 51 to 71 cm. Also, the wrist should maintain a straight position and avoid an arched placement to prevent posture-related issues in the long run. Try changing positions while standing and working and enjoy the freedom of working in different postures.
  • Wear well-fitted shoes: Standing and working wearing heels can do more harm than good. Thus, it is imperative that you wear comfortable and well-fitted shoes to feel at ease while standing.
  • Maintain the right posture: To follow an appropriate posture while standing, it is advised that you bend your knees slightly to prevent your joints from locking up. This helps maintain a neutral position.

Additional accessories for sit stand desks

With people spending more and more hours working in their offices, they are often heard complaining about their health. Thus, it is imperative to have a standing desk that gives a break from a continuous seating period to prevent lifestyle diseases. Furthermore, here we pen down a few additional accessories that can be coupled up with standing desks to make you feel more comfortable:

Monitor mount

A monitor mount helps in adjusting the position of the monitor. This helps keep the monitor at a desirable height that makes it comfortable for the user to stand and work on their monitor or laptop and also stands important from an ergonomic point of view.

Anti-fatigue mats

Though mostly overlooked, our legs bear a lot of pain while standing and sitting for long hours without even making the person realize about such an issue. Thus, these mats prove very useful in battling fatigue. These mats enhance the blood circulation in the legs and also boost subtle movement in the legs.

Ergonomic chairs

By introducing a sit stand desk, an individual does not have to stand all day long. After all, standing desks are not a punishment and are used to cut down on the long sitting hours. With that said, it is essential to have an ergonomic chair that allows a comfy position and maintains a proper posture for the chair user. 

Top sit and stand desks to buy in 2024

When you hit the market, you may be simply overwhelmed with the available choices of sit and stand desks. But which one to choose? Do not worry, we will suggest some top-notch sit and stand desks from Easymart that will transform your life:

Rapidline Boost Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Office Computer Desk

This table is known for its height adjustable feature which can be adjusted between 620mm and 1250mm and allows people of different heights to use this table. Available in three different color variants, you can buy amongst natural white, natural beech and natural oak color as per your choice.

Rapidline Boost Electric Height Adjustable


  • It has a hole top for cable entry
  • It has made using good quality and sturdy materials
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Can hold items weighing upto 125 kgs.
  • Available with a ten year warranty card.
  • Adopts anti collision mechanism

Portable Mobile Computer Sit Stand Office Desk

This mobile computer sit stand desk allows you to move around and set up your workspace wherever you desire.  Such is the functionality of these desks because they are solid, portable and lightweight at the same time and can be shifted from one place to another as per the need of the user. The table is flexible and can be inclined to have a better sitting posture.

Portable Mobile Computer Sit Stand Office Desk


  • Lightweight
  • Has a tilting desktop that can tilt up to an angle of 360 degrees.
  • It has a smooth surface and bestows a matte finish
  • Incorporates a wall leaning design
  • Has castor wheels that are detachable and lockable
  • It is portable, mobile and highly flexible
  • It has double knobs for adjusting the height of the desk
  • Has a U-shape steel frame

Rapidline New Paramount Single Sided Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Office Desk With Screen

Paramount height adjustable sit stand desk is well suited for all offices and home offices that are looking forward to give their employees the freedom to alternate between sitting and standing in between work. This desk ensures a healthy lifestyle and helps you stay focused while working. 

Rapidline New Paramount Single Sided Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Office Desk With Screen


  • Available in four different color combinations
  • Has a cable tray to keep your cables tamed
  • Height adjustable between 655mm and 1259mm.
  • Available with a warranty card of 5 years
  • Can lift weight upto 100 kgs
  • The base is made using polished metal which makes the table corrosion and rust-free.


Switching to sit and stand desks can make a huge difference to one's physical, mental, and metabolic health. So, it's high time that you take a stand and implement this important lifestyle change to conquer work and health-related woes that result from constant sitting.


Q1. Is a sit stand desk ergonomic?

A1. Yes, a sit-stand desk is ergonomic, but only when its height is adjusted to the right level that is adequate for the person using the desk.

Q2. How do you stand ergonomically at standing desk?

A2. To use a standing desk ergonomically, it is essential that the elbow stays at an angle of 90 degrees with the floor. Also, a safe distance should be maintained between the eyes and the computer screen, ideally 51 to 71 cm.

Q3. How long should you stand at a sit stand desk?

A3. A person who uses a sit stand desk should alternate between sitting and standing. It is believed for every one to two hours of sitting continuously; one should stand for an hour before he/she sits down to resume work.

Q4. How to make a standing desk ergonomic?

A4. In order to make a standing desk ergonomic, it is essential that you adjust the height of the desk correctly to maintain the right body posture.

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