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Top 4 Computer chair for long hours

The Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours

In the modern digital era that exists today, people are often found glued to their computer screens for prolonged periods. Thus, the importance of getting computer chairs cannot be overstated because most people are falling prey to a sedentary lifestyle. Not only this, but most people also fall prey to health issues that result from improper work posture and long hours of sitting. With that said, the wrong chairs can make the situation worse and, besides just hampering the health of the employees, also bring down the productivity level.

Thus, it is crucial that you choose the right computer chairs with careful consideration so that your work and health are not compromised at any cost. Want to know which chairs are best for you? Here, we have listed down some top chair alternatives that can furnish unparalleled support and comfort during those extended seating periods.

Top 4 Computer chair for long hours

Artiss Wooden Office Chair

This chair not only offers you a comfy posture when you work in an office for long hours but also enhances the interiors, with its wooden seat frame being the primary highlight of this chair. It is made using quality materials and, besides being an impressive addition to your office and home office, guarantees 100% comfort. The height of the chair can be adjusted at the convenience of the user and can be rotated at an angle of 360 degrees to give you easy rotation and motion. This leather office chair makes use of quality PU leather and is designed so that employees do not face any kind of discomfort while sitting for long hours. The seat support and cushioned back further enhance the comfort factor, and it is one of the best chairs that you can get to ensure a high comfort level.

Artiss Wooden Office Chair

Artiss Gaming Office Chair

If you are looking for a chair that offers you comfort in all aspects then this Artiss Gaming Office chair is your go-to chair for all your posture and discomfort related woes. May it be handling your office work or playing your heart out and experiencing the thrills while playing games, this chair is designed to provide you with better and more comfortable seating space. The comfort level is unmatched and is available at jaw-dropping prices, which you can make your own if you desire to experience comfort while working.

Artiss Wooden Office Chair Computer Gaming Chairs Executive Leather Black

The chair is made using PU synthetic leather and is scratch-proof, which means your chair will bestow the same shine for a long time and show no signs of wear and tear. Available in two different colors (black and white), the Artiss gaming chair comes with high back support and five caster wheels that allow you to rotate and swivel 360 degrees. The chair is stain-proof and durable and can easily accommodate a person who weighs up to 120 kg. The height of the chair is also adjustable and the lumbar region has a spring-type configuration that allows your chair to stretch back when you wish to relax for a while in between your work.

Rapidline Vienna Mesh Back Computer Office Chair

This chair is a versatile chair that can be used for various purposes. From using this chair in offices, meetings, and home offices, it is a comfortable chair that not only provides comfort while enhancing your productivity but also provides ergonomic seating solutions for modern offices. Besides being a practical addition to your office, the sleek aesthetics of this chair ensure that the comfort of the user is not compromised at any cost while working long hours. These chairs are built to offer consistent support and sophistication in modern workspaces.

Vienna Mesh Back Computer Office Chair

The breathable mesh back provides enough ventilation and lets you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. Thus, for people who experience excessive sweating, this is a comfortable option that saves you from facing discomfort while sitting for prolonged periods. The armrest height and the seat height can also be adjusted as per the choice of the user to accommodate themselves according to their body preferences. Additionally, the tilt mechanism allows for smooth reclining, which helps reduce strain between working postures. The chair is also highly durable and is made using high-quality materials that ensure the long-lasting performance of these chairs. Owing to its minimalist profile, clean lines, maneuverability, and style, this chair is perfect for professionals who have to indulge in long focussed work sessions.

Artiss Gaming Office Chair Computer Desk Chair Home Work Study

This mosaic office chair is a blend of sophistication and comfort. It is a premium chair that lets the employees maintain the perfect balance between work and relaxation. While providing a multifunctional seating solution, this chair can be used for gaming, studying, and indulging in office work from offices and work-from-home offices. The ergonomic design of this Artiss chair can meet the requirements of gamers, students, and professionals equally well.

Artiss Gaming Office Chair Computer Desk Chair Home Work Study

The S-shaped lumbar support offers comfort factor for the users and its softly padded headrest makes sure that your head relaxes on a soft surface when you hit back on your chair. The chair can be reclined to an angle of 150 degrees, which can cater to the leisure, work, and relaxation needs of the user alike. The flexible armrest and the retractable footrest are add-ons to the comfort factor and allow you to keep your feet at a higher level to give your feet a well-deserved break in between working hours.


Getting the best computer chairs for offices is one of the most essential things to do if you wish to be good to your back and entire body. Besides enabling the user to experience comfort and turn out to be productive all the more, these chairs also enhance their overall well-being while sitting in offices for prolonged hours. We hope this guide serves as an eye-opener for all those who are planning to buy office chairs that offer durability, adjustability, comfortability, and all the feel-good features required for a better posture and comfort. So, what do you wait for? Pick on any of the chairs mentioned above, and get ready to rock your office in style and comfort!

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