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PU Leather

Easy Tips to Maintain and Protect Your Pu Leather Chairs

PU Leather is an affordable and easy-to-maintain material choice for chairs because of its coated surface. But its quality will get reduced if you will not take care of it properly. Even the premium-quality TUV SUD-certified PU leather can peel, crease, and degrade over time without proper care and maintenance. Consider the following simple and quick tips to maintain your PU leather chairs and make them appealing as always:

Avoid prolonged exposure to perspiration

    Whether it is natural leather or an artificial one, prolonged exposure to sweat can damage the charm of PU leather chairs. Sweat and natural oil buildup in the body can alter the PH value of the PU coating of your chair. This leather is stable because of its polyurethane coating, but it is less breathable if compared to the real premium-quality leather. It sticks more to your skin as it feels colder than real leather due to its heavy coating. However, most PU leathers are water-resistant. 

    Prolonged exposure to body oil and perspiration can weaken its top coating and make it prone to peeling. So, use your chair in a dry and cool environment to avoid long exposure to sweat and hot objects like hairdryers. Remember, you cannot restore the quality of the peeled leather once it is degraded.

    Clean the PU leather chair occasionally

      Clean the PU leather chair

      Occasional cleaning of your PU leather chairs can keep them stain-free and helps to get a brand new look. Since the coating of this leather has water-resistant properties, it will not absorb dirt or accidental spills that lead to bad odors like many other materials. 

      Removing dirt and grime from these chairs is quite easy, and it prevents them from getting absorbed and forming stains. You can make a solution by mixing dish soap and water to clean your chair. Clean the surface of the leather with this solution and wipe it dry with a soft microfiber cloth to maintain its charm.

      Avoid careless usage

        PU leather chairs are comfortable and perfect for daily usage. It is efficient to withstand scrapes and scratches, but careless usage of these chairs can damage its quality. Ensure to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the chair surface that would cause too much friction. It is wise not to leave objects on it or pressing down one leg into its seat to avoid unwanted pressure on the PU leather chair. Also remember to keep away sharp and abrasive objects like jean rivets or Velcro from its seat.


        PU leather is an affordable and durable alternative to real leather and a modern material choice for furniture. But repeated careless usage can damage this material. Following the above simple tips can help you maintain your PU leather chairs in good condition and their brand new look even after years of usage.

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