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Get The Best Dog Stroller in Australia for Your Beloved Pet

Collections of Dog Prams

The notion of having a pet stroller for your canine friend may seem a crazy idea at first. And, seeing a dog in pram seems a bit over the top for people. However, for dog owners, pet prams are a boon as they render a load of advantages to them & their pets, especially elderly dogs & those recovering from sickness & injury. It is no wonder why a large number of people are investing in best dog strollers for walking in Australia.

 If you are planning to get a pet pram for your dog or cat, you are in the right place. We have carefully curated a list of top-notch dog prams and their benefits in the following section. It will certainly help you understand the ways in which pet strollers are beneficial for your beloved pet.

Top-notch dog prams in Australia

1). Ibiyaya Eva wheeled carrier

This multi-functional pet carrier is very popular among dog lovers because of its space-saving design and easy transpiration. It comes with multiple mesh windows so that your pet can enjoy better visibility and more fresh air. This wheeled carrier can easily move in any direction without the need to carry your pet and put any strain on your shoulder. You can also transform it into a backpack. With so many features, it is one of the best dog strollers available in the Australian market.

Other features
  • Multiple mesh windows and various openings
  • Large pocket for easy storage
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Waterproof EVA material

    2). i.Pet foldable Grey dog carrier

    This 3 -in-1 middle-sized dog carrier in grey color from i.Pet is a good recommendation if you look for a high-quality stroller to take your pets outdoors. This one-fold carrier is solid and has several attractive features like an adjustable front veil, a catch hook, and an anti-slip handle. Its 360 degree rotatable front wheels certainly make transportation easy and comfortable. Buy this carrier today if you search for a comfortable and durable carrier for your furry friend.

    Other features

    • It has powder-coated steel frame
    • Rear brakes and wear-resistant EVA wheels
    • It is waterproof and comes with removable cushion
    • Anti-slip foam handle

    3). Double Decker Pet Bus by Ibiyaya

     Available online at $218.00, this double dog pram is ideal for families who are parenting two pets. As the name suggests, this dog pram features two-compartments, which certainly render a sense of security & comfort to both the pets. The zippered meshed windows ensure the stroller is properly-ventilated during outings.
    dog stroller australia
    Other features:
    • The swivel front wheels for easy navigation
    • Has rear brakes for safety
    • Additional safety tether & a pad
    • Easily collapsible for storage

      4).  Ibiyaya Gentle Giant Pet Wagon

      If you own a huge canine friend, this pet stroller is certainly the ideal fit for you. Priced at $308.00, this extra-large pet wagon can accommodate large dogs with up to 25 kgs weight. In fact, it can carry the elderly, harmed, crippled & tired pets and render a sense of protection & comfort to them. Moreover, it provides instant privacy to your pet in swarmed locations.

      Ibiyaya Gentle Giant

      Other features:

      • Easily foldable & can be stowed away in the back of the car
      • Protects your pet in big & crowded places & events
      • Has an attached safety lead & removable cushion pad
      • Mesh windows & 2 large openings for proper ventilation & visibility
      • Top opening to let your pet poke its head out & cherish fresh air
      • Large zippered pouch to carry water bottles & pet treats

        5). Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Combo Eva Pet Stroller

        This innovative pet stroller is available at an affordable price of $215.00. It can be transformed into five different pet-conveying vehicles, a buggy, transporter, rucksack, vehicle seat & streetcar. It is an amazing space-saving carriage that can easily keep in the back of your car during road trips.

        best pram Australia

        Other features:

          • Make traveling with your pet easy-peasy
          • Can use it as a backpack & car safety seat
          • Sturdy stroller frame
          • Mesh & ventilation holes that ensure fresh air-flow
          • Rotatable stroller wheels to 360-degree for improved mobility
          • Rear brakes for safety
          • Additional pockets to store personal belongings & pet essentials
          • Can carry a pet weighing up to 8 kgs

              6). iPet Foldable Black Pet Stroller/ Dog Carrier

              This pet stroller is your good to go companion for a walk with your beloved pooch. Of course, with minimum inconvenience. It has many pet-friendly features such as high seating area & breathable oxford fabric. It is also available for $170.00 at the dog pram Australia store.

              Dog Stroller in Australia

              Other features:

              • Elevated design & higher seating for a better view
              • Powder-coated steel frame ensures durability
              • Breathable & easily washable fabric
              • Zipped mesh cover that ensures proper air-flow
              • Wear-resistant & sturdy EVA wheels
              • Anti-slip foam handle & rear brakes for safety
              • Large space basket

                  Benefits of using prams for dog

                  1). Stress-free visits to the vets: With prams for dog, you can easily get your pet to the car & then to the vet. The coziness of the stroller will alleviate your pet’s anxiety during a car ride. Moreover, it keeps your pet off the clinic’s floor, which may be infected.

                  2). Parenting two pets made easier: Parenting two pets comes with challenges, especially while transporting them. If you are parenting two pets, a double dog pram for two dogs is for you. This innovative dog pram allows you to carry both your pets wherever you are headed - road trip, large event, grocery store, or nearby park.

                  3). Boon to the elderly, weak & sick dogs: Do not let the physical limitations of your pet stop them from exploring & cherishing the outer world. With iPet Foldable Pet Carriers, you add fun in order to the lives of elderly, injured & weak dogs. You let them do what they love the most - venture into new destinations as well as parks for fresh air.


                  Dog Prams make your life & your pet’s life enjoyable as well as hassle-free. In fact, you can find the best pram in Australia for your beloved pets from an exclusive range available online.
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