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Guide to purchase the Right Office Boardroom Table

Guide to purchase the Right Office Boardroom Table

The boardroom is one of the essential places in the office, which ensures the success of the business/organization. While it facilitates strategic planning & making important decisions, it is also used to meet clients, hold training sessions & organize interviews. A well-designed boardroom can aid in great group discussions, creative idea generation & fruitful meetings.

Therefore, your office boardroom table should portray the right impression before your clients & give employees a space to collaborate. Boardroom tables add a touch of professionalism & warmth to your conference room.

As the office boardroom table is one of the most important office essentials, choosing the right one requires careful consideration.

This meticulous guide consists of a few important factors that you should consider while purchasing a conference table for your office.

1). Review Your Space: Considering space you need in the conference room should be the most important factor. You should ensure there’s enough space for people to easily access all the areas of the conference room. There must be enough room for accessing the door & windows and chairs to be pushed away from the table when people get up.

Remember that your boardroom may need additional items such as furniture, audio/visual station, screens, projectors & some decorative things that you should account space for.

2). Seating: Secondly, it is vital to determine the number of chairs & type of office chairs you require to place in your conference room. There should be ample personal space for each participant, where they will have their computers & other individual materials. While the traditional space required at each seat is 30 inches, with the social distancing, this has increased to 42 inches to accommodate the extra space for everyone’s safety. 

3). Placing the power sources: Conference rooms require the usage of phones, laptops & an audio/video station. Therefore, it is important to decide where power sources & equipment will be placed & affect the function of the office boardroom table. Nobody wants to get messed with the cords & wires in the midst of an important ongoing meeting.

4). Table Shape & Room Aesthetics: Before you set your eyes on a conference table to buy it, re-thinking how it will impact the rest of the room & office's aesthetics is vital. Consider how the existing office furniture pieces will complement the new conference table. While a round table is suitable for collaborative actions, a rectangular table can set a hierarchy with one person at its head.

5). Showcase Professionalism: A well-suited & great office boardroom table will display a cohesive design representing your business the best. In case you already have furniture in your boardroom, think of getting a table that closely matches your furniture & displays a clear and professional image. Also, bear in mind to have a table with an easy color or design to complement the furniture you may add later.

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