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How to entertain your pooch while you work from home

All of us love companion animals like dogs and cats as they are the best stress buffers. Your pets can be very helpful in reducing your stress as they are attuned to the emotional state of their masters and respond accordingly. Many of you work from home these days due to the pandemic and face different obstacles. Your pets can be one of them who might distract you from work at times. Ensure to set some specific time for a break for you and your pet. Also, order some dog toys online to entertain your dogs. If you learn how to entertain your pets, your work at home will be more relaxed and enjoyable. 

dog toys 

Keep your pet active indoors

Your pet needs physical and mental stimulation to stay active. Most dogs that lived indoors do not get sufficient exercise as dogs that live outdoors. Pets need exercise, and as a pet owner, you need to find suitable activities to entertain your furry friends. So, consider buying different games like puzzle dog bowl to keep them active without leaving the house.

puzzle dog bowl

 Train your pet everyday

Many of you need to leave your pet dog alone for several hours when you commute to your office for work. Nowadays, many of you started work from home and get enough time to spend time with your furry friend. And this is the right time to spend more time with your dog and stimulate your pet to be active. Consider order pet training pads online to train your dog every day. Try to plan for a couple of training sessions of five to ten minutes every day. Ensure to reward your pooch with some treats for his hard work.

Stimulate your dog mentally

All pet owners love their dogs and cats, but they do not know how to stimulate their pets mentally. Each dog needs different mental stimulation, and it might vary from dog to dog. A young and busy dog needs more activities than an old pup that sleeps most of the time or lounges throughout the day. But all dogs benefit by stimulating them mentally, irrespective of their age. And pet owners can stimulate their pooch with a Nina Ottosson Dog Twister. You can also teach your pets a few new tricks and some calming behaviors. The puzzle dog bowl or a Kong toy is a great recommendation to stimulate your dog.

Play inside with your dog

Pets need attention and care, and pet owners need to find time to play with them. Train your pet to identify the word 'toy. They also love the game of tug with you. Such games make your dog more confident and obedient, and they will be helpful while you work at home. This game also takes care of the teething problem of your pooch. Play with your pets indoors to improve the mental and physical fitness of your dog. You can also consider buying some toys for your puppy. Search a few dog toys online while you browse suitable work from home furniture for your needs.

Importance of puzzle toys

Every pet owner is keen to understand different activities that engage their dog mentally and physically. Consider a few puzzle games like puzzle dog bowl for that. You can put some treats inside the toys and encourage your pet to get them out. Hiding various food puzzles in different areas of the house is also a way to entertain your pup. Your pet can smell the treat inside the toys and can find them easily.

A few tricks to keep your dog active

Your pet might get bored of staying cooped up easily like you. As a pet owner, you need to entertain them and stimulate them to indulge in activities. Some of the tips and tricks that keep your pooch active while you work at home are:

  • Hide food in puzzle toys
  • Entertain pets with chew toys
  • Give training with treats
  • Let the play the game of tug
  • Play throwball with healthy pets
  • Enjoy some fun games
  • Visit the dog part at times
  • Walk with your pet

Managing Work-from-Home Distractions: Keeping Your Pooch Busy

Homes have turned into office areas for most of us and need adjustments with all family members, including your pets. Your pooch can be a major distraction when you try to work from home. It might bark during meetings, put its paws on the keyboard, or simply try to get some attention. No doubt, your pet becomes a non-cooperative co-worker for you. You can easily occupy your dog and entertain him with a Nina Ottosson Dog Twister. Your dog certainly loves this game. Search for more dog toys online to entertain your pet.

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