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How to select the right coffee table to enhance your living room décor

How to select the right coffee table to enhance your living room decor

Do you want to give a timeless appeal to your living room with a glass and wood coffee table? Nobody can think of a living room without a super coffee table. In fact, it might look like a supermodel wearing no lipstick. As the lipstick gives a complete look to the model, a good coffee table gives the perfect ambiance to your living room. Selecting the right coffee table is important as it serves many purposes. It can give not only a complete look to your room but also for displaying and storage purposes. With many reputed web stores, you can easily find a classic storage coffee table in Australia for your living room.

Coffee table - A critical piece of living room

No doubt, the living room is the focal point of a home. It is the place where family members and friends gather, relax and spend quality time. Everybody buys a cushy couch for their living room to relax at the end of a long day, an audio set, or a cool TV to watch over the weekends. But many homemakers forget to give importance to the coffee table for living room. In fact, it is a critical furniture piece that can give a classic touch to your living room. Search for a round coffee table with storage online to bring elegance to your living area.

round coffee table

Tips to consider before buying a coffee table

A coffee table is certainly an important piece of living room furniture. But it does not get the attention that it deserves. In fact, it is more than a piece of simple furniture and a companion for other couches. If you choose a stylish glass and wood coffee table with the right size and design, you can turn it into a crucial centerpiece to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living room.

  • Heat-resistant tabletop

Since people place tea or coffee on their coffee table, its tabletop should be waterproof, durable, and heat-resistant. It can withstand high temperatures like it is suitable for the aesthetics of your living room. Opt for a coffee table with a glass or ceramic tabletop in order to withstand high temperatures and add elegance to the living room.

  • Size

Size is important when buying a round coffee table for living room with storage. Many people use their coffee tables as tabletops to carry out different activities. You can use it to play some board games or enjoying a puzzle. Some people use it to rest their feet on it. So, pick a large coffee table so that you can accommodate all these activities.

  • Shape of the coffee table

Consider the shape of the coffee table when you layout the plan for your living room. If there are children or pets at home, opt for an oval or round-shaped coffee table. Sharp-edged tables might injure them.

  • Style

It is another factor to consider when choosing a coffee table. Coffee tables are available in different styles like modern, vintage, formal, or informal. Buy a glass and wood coffee table if you look for a traditional one, while a sleek metal table with a glass top is fine if you search for a contemporary one for your living room.

  • Functionality

People consider the size, style, and material of the coffee table while purchasing it. But people forget to consider its functionality part. Coffee tables come with drawers, and shelves and you can store many items in them, including magazines and kid's toys. You can also consider storing snack plates and drinks on these shelves or drawers.


If you plan to buy a round coffee table with storage to give a classic touch to your living room, consider certain factors before buying the right one. Deciding on its style, functionality, and the materials used are important criteria to consider. Finding a storage coffee table in Australia is easy. You can find them in high-end malls or department stores. But you can avoid wandering through the flea markets or antique dealers if you search them online. Many online stores sell classic and elegant coffee tables in different patterns and colors to make a bright and chic living room.

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