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Maintaining Office Furniture & Ensuring its Longevity

Maintaining Office Furniture & Ensuring its Longevity

Office furniture, accessories & fixtures are an integral part of every office set-up, regardless of the type of business. They are a considerable investment & hence require proper care & maintenance to ensure they do not require replacement for years.

Having orderly & well-maintained office furniture is a beguiling way of creating a lasting impression on clients, customers & visitors. Moreover, sleek & well-kept furniture such as ergo chair, full mesh chair, office bookshelf, & lockable filing cabinet can help increase the efficiency of daily operations & productivity of employees.

This article addresses the need for maintaining office furniture & some effective ways of implementing the same. So, let us get started.

The Need for maintaining office furniture

According to a survey, a working environment with poorly maintained office furniture & accessories adversely impacts the productivity of the employees. It hampers employees’ ability to focus on the assigned tasks & leaves them discouraged & exhausted. Therefore, timely maintenance of your office furniture is of the utmost importance for enhanced productivity in the workplace.

Maintaining office furniture & accessories is not always on the to-do list of many offices for years. However, it should be noted that proper maintenance plays a significant role in determining the productive & efficient atmosphere of your workplace.

To help you, we have curated a list of some tips that will aid in keeping the office furniture, such as office chair, office filing cabinet, and pinboard, in good condition. In addition to that, these tips would help enhance the overall productivity of daily office activities & operations.

Tips for maintaining Office Furniture & Accessories

1). Office computer chair: Computer chairs are an integral accessory in every office - whether big or small. While a well-maintained & comfortable chair can enhance your productivity, an old & broken-down office computer chair adversely impacts your sitting posture & overall work efficiency.

Here is a list of few tips & tricks that can help you maintain your office chair:

  • Find Chair Care Tags: Check your office chair for care tags & implement cleaning instructions mentioned there from the manufacturer. These tags help you to determine the safest & most effective way of cleaning & maintaining them.
  • Leather Chair: The leather-based chairs require careful maintenance. Avoid placing leather chairs in direct sunlight as it can damage the material. Use cleaners specifically made to clean leather surfaces.
  • Upholstery Chairs: Dust the chair surface with a clean & soft cloth. Or, you can vacuum or lightly brush to remove any dirt from the chair.
  • Vinyl Chairs: To clean vinyl chairs & remove any dirt or smudge, use a mild soap solution & a bit of warm water. Once the dirt is cleansed, dry off the chair with a soft & lint-free cloth.
  • Wooden Chairs: For wood-based chairs, use a sponge or damp cloth to clean off the dirt and finish off by drying it with a clean cotton cloth. Avoid using wet cloth or sponge on the wood finish as it can ruin the wood.
  • Full Mesh Chair: To clean a full mesh chair, vacuum chair back & seat. In case the chair has any spots, use warm water with mild soap to clean it off.

General Maintenance Tips for Chairs

The regular maintenance of the chairs adds more years to their life.  Ensure setting out 15-20 minutes every 3-6 month to maintain your chairs to render it the most extended life possible.

    1. Adjust & tighten screws & bolts on your ergo chairs.
    2. Clean the caster wheels as they may negatively impact the way your chair moves. Remove the dirt & hair, wipe with a damp cloth & spray lubricant on wheels before putting them back.
    3. Avoid exerting a lot of pressure on the armrests as they may break down.
    4. Ensure the armrests are at an appropriate height, enabling you to sit comfortably on an office desk.

    2). Office filing cabinets: Here’s how you can a maintain lockable filing cabinet & bookcase for office:

    • Follow the cleaning instructions manual for lockable filing cabinets, if any.
    • For the metal cabinets, use diluted alcohol water to clean & then wipe to dry thoroughly.
    • Avoid washing down metal-based cabinets with water as this may produce rust & reduce the filing cabinets lifespan.
    • The plastic-based office bookshelf & filing cabinets can be cleaned using water & sanitation products as they are resistant to rust & corrode.

    3). Office Desks: A messy & cluttered workstation or office desk can negatively impact your productivity & efficiency of daily office tasks. Therefore, it is essential to keep the office desk in top shape. Here’s how you can do it:

    • Clear the clutter from your work desk & keep things in place for easy retrieval
    • Regularly clean the surface of your desk to remove accumulated debris & dust with a dry cloth - whether it’s wood or metal. Consider using a damp cloth for stubborn dirt & spots.
    • Avoid using harsh chemicals & solutions to clean desk surfaces.
    • Consider using desk pads to prevent scratches on the office desk surface.


    While maintaining furniture may seem an unnecessary task, poorly managed office furniture affects your performance at work. There are various ways of organizing the workplace & maintaining the furniture. Implementing the measures mentioned above would ensure your office furniture items look shiny & endure for years.

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