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Why Whiteboards & Pin Boards are Must for Every Office!

Why Whiteboards & Pin Boards are Must for Every Office!

How do you convey important information across your office in a busy environment? You may say, via e-mails. But are you sure the employees won’t miss that important mail amidst the countless emails they receive every day? Well, the odds of overlooking crucial mails cannot be denied.

Then, what is the effective way of communicating information to a large number of people? The Office whiteboards or office pinboards can get the task done for you.

Yes, the boards are useful tools that incredibly help in imparting the information & facilitating communication both in office & homes.

Understanding the Need for Display Boards

1). In Offices:

In the office settings, noticeboards can market the information to a wide range of people in an efficient manner. They are used to update the employees concerning routine duties, deadlines, upcoming events & changes in the company’s policies.

Office pinboards are lauded for revolutionizing the way employees interact & communicate with each other. They ignite a sense of togetherness & motivation among workers, leading to increased performance & efficiency.

2). In Homes:

In homes, office whiteboards or pinboards can be used to keep a track of appointments, meetings, and leaflets of upcoming sales. Moreover, it can be used to display family photos to be reminded of upcoming birthdays & anniversaries.

Pinboards can be a great addition to your kitchen as well. You can use it to quickly pin recipes, to-do lists & grocery lists for the weekend. A nice, fabric-based pinboard can render a decorative look to your kitchen wall.

3). In Schools:

Office pinboard & whiteboard are a useful addition to the school campus as they effectively aid in circulating information to students, staff, parents & visitors, including events, special assemblies, school holiday events, celebration days, announcements, and timetables. Within the school grounds, these display boards can be used to recognize students’ artwork, academic achievements & motivate others to do better.

Display boards can be placed near the main entrance, on campus, in the corridors, outside the school administration building, and in the school canteen.

Benefits of Office Whiteboards

1). For Motivation: Displaying pictures from recent corporate events, employee appreciation ceremonies reminds everyone about good times & keeps them motivated. You may also showcase data that communicate employees’ progress. Doing so will make the employees feel appreciated & valued.

2). For Perfect Presentation: Whiteboard with marker tray is an excellent addition to the office boardrooms to give presentations. It can be used to draw the attention of participants to your information as you write, draw & share.
You can take notes, advertise your business information & display scheduling details on office whiteboards. You can go for a magnetic whiteboard if you intend to display flyers & printing memos.

3). Strengthen togetherness: Whiteboards can be used to showcase various social & work-related activities such as weekend gatherings, pot-lucks, & night out to imbibe a sense of togetherness among the workers. While the e-mails can be easily ignored, mentioning official meetings on whiteboards is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Benefits of Office Pinboard

1). Flexible: Pinboards can be installed for various uses & in different environments, including classrooms, living rooms, kitchens & offices. They can be used to communicate important information effectively. Available in various sizes, pinboards can be tailored according to the requirement.

2). Attractive: Officeworks pinboards can easily grab people’s attention when their professional look is maintained. They can be filled with Memos with bright colors & large easy-to-read print.

3). Changing/updating the contents of the pinboard with time is sure to get a high level of attention. On the contrary, if you leave the board unchanged for too long, people will stop paying attention to it.

4). Engagement: Pinboards can serve as a public forum. You can ask the employees to pin their feedback, recommendations, requests & inquiries on it, which can be collected later in the day. Within school grounds, a pinboard can be used to appreciate the students for their good work & dedication.

Last Words

Whiteboards & pinboards certainly contribute a lot to make your life simpler.& convenient. They communicate information efficiently & ease your daily operations.

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