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modern Bar Stools

Revamp your home decor with modern Bar Stools

In a few recent years, bar stools have evolved to be a fashion statement for homes & commercial use. Whether you plan to get modern bar stools for your home or open a little diner, the market has an overwhelming range of styles & designs to offer.

modern bar stools

As the name suggests, bar stools were primarily used in bars; however, they are now making their way into homes as a must-have piece of furniture. You can find them in houses & apartments, placed in the kitchen or near the built-in bar. Manufacturers are leveraging this growing trend & producing various types of modern bar stools on an extensive scale.

But, how do you know which bar stools can ideally fit your needs & budget? Mentioned below is a list of important factors that you should consider before hitting the stores.

 Factors to consider when choosing bar stools

1). Price: People tend to think bar stools are expensive because of their large size. However, you will find plenty of affordable & durable modern bar stools, if you know the kind of seat you are looking for.

Thankfully, online bar stools stores are the best place to search your preferred stool styles, the reason being the pricing is much more competitive. Moreover, if you buy your bar stools in bulk, you will get an overwhelming discount, saving you a volume of money.

2). Height: A 26-inch or 30-inch bar stool is prevalent among the people today. In case your kitchen counter is 36-inch high, you will need a 24 or 26-inch bar stool.

 A raised eating counter would require 30-inch bar stools for the utmost comfort. It is always recommended to double-check the measurements of the counter before purchasing any modern bar stool.

 3). Style: Bar stools used for longer duration should include arms & back to render comfort and decrease strain on the neck, back and shoulders.

 In case you have constricted space, foldable & adjustable bar stools can be an ideal fit. While they feature height adjustments, they can also be used by people who do not require sitting at a specific place for long. These chairs can be folded to free up space for movement.

Other bar stools available online include backless, high back, low back, solid back, Cross back, armless, modern, traditional & country cottage.

4). Material: The choice of material is an important factor to consider while purchasing bar stool.

Initially, the basic material used to manufacture bar stool was wood. However, the passage of time led to the combinations of various materials with wood, including plastic/acrylic, fabric, leather, and vinyl.

While metal & wooden stools with padded seats would work great for commercial use, plastic & vinyl-based bar stools can be used in houses & apartments. In case you are looking for more comfort, opt for seating with fabric upholstery.

5). Quality: As a buyer, you would surely love to purchase the finest quality bar stools, regardless of your preferred style & material. The higher the quality of bar stools, the longer it will stand the test of time. Bar stool materials such as wood, plastic, leather, & fabric are available in various qualities. Cheaper stools may sound a great deal; however, they may lack quality & sturdiness to endure heavy use. As a result, they may end up in the scrap pile sooner than you'll know.

Therefore, ensure looking for quality & artistry before purchasing any modern bar stools.

Last Words

The variety of styles, materials & designs of bar stools available in the market can leave you overwhelming. However, knowing what to look for can incredibly help in narrowing down the choices. Moreover, considering the factors mentioned above can make shopping much simpler & easier.

Find the best deal possible at online bar stools Australia store to get the best-suited modern bar stool for your home. Happy Shopping!

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