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Tips to Buy a Round Storage Ottoman in Australia

Tips to Buy a Round Storage Ottoman in Australia

Perhaps no other furniture renders as much comfort to your feet as an ottoman or pouf does. They offer an ideal place to kick back & hang loose after a long tiring day at work. They are considered great space savers. However, ottomans can be much more than just a footrest.

Vintage Round ottomans can be an enthralling anchor point of your living room. They provide additional seating for the guests. Moreover, they make an appealing statement of your style & personality. The key is to pick the right style & shape of ottoman that complements your room decor & requirements.

If you are planning to buy a round storage ottoman in Australia, this article is for you. We have compiled some professional tips & tricks that will help you select the right ottoman & create a delightful living space.

Hand made Vintage Round ottomans

Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Round Storage Ottoman in Australia

Buying a round storage ottoman in Australia can be a stylish and practical addition to your home decor. Here are some tips to consider when making your purchase:

Measurement and Space Consideration

Measure Your Space: Determine the available space where you intend to place the round storage ottoman. Consider factors like clearance around furniture and walking paths.
Size of the Ottoman: Choose a round ottoman size that fits proportionally within your space while still providing enough surface area for seating or storage.

Material and Durability

Quality Materials: Look for round storage ottomans made from durable materials like leather, fabric, or wood. Consider the durability and maintenance requirements of each material option.
Stain Resistance: Choose materials that are stain-resistant and easy to clean, especially if the ottoman will be used frequently or in high-traffic areas.

Storage Capacity and Functionality

Storage Features: Assess the storage capacity of the ottoman and its functionality. Determine whether you need ample storage space for blankets, pillows, or other items.
Removable Lid or Lift-Top Design: Consider ottomans with removable lids or lift-top designs for easy access to stored items without compromising on style.

Style and Design

Aesthetic Appeal: Choose a round storage ottoman that complements your existing decor style, whether it’s modern, traditional, or eclectic.
Colour and Pattern: Select a colour or pattern that enhances the visual appeal of your space while also concealing stains or wear over time.
Detailing and Finishing: Pay attention to details like tufting, stitching, or nail head trim for added style and sophistication.

Comfort and Versatility

Comfortable Seating: Ensure that the round ottoman provides comfortable seating, whether it’s for occasional use or as a primary seating option.
Versatile Use: Consider how you plan to use the ottoman beyond storage, such as additional seating, a coffee table, or a footrest.  

Ottoman Vs. Poufs

The terms ottoman and poufs are often used interchangeably by many people; however, they differ from each other. Let us understand how.

1). Texture:

  • While an ottoman features a firmer texture, poufs have a soft seat & no back.
  • Ottoman has a hidden storage compartment inside the seat. On the other hand, poufs typically have no storage space.
  • While poufs can be kept directly on the floor, ottomans are supported by legs or a frame.

2). Functionality:

  • While ottomans are ideal for formal living areas & homes decorated in traditional style, poufs are suitable for casual living & entertainment environments.
  • Poufs offer better comfort for the guests because of their soft texture, but ottomans are more versatile. They provide seating & extra storage space to help you keep your place clutter-free & organized.
  • Poufs add depth & interest to your room, while ottomans look staggering paired with mid-century & urban modern decor spaces.

Which shape ottoman should you choose?

The versatility of ottomans & poufs has led to the development of hundreds of shapes to complement the place's requirements.

Listed below are some of the popular shapes of ottoman available in the market today:

1). Round Storage Ottoman:

Round storage ottomans accommodate well in a variety of living room layouts & styles. They are a great addition to the room that features minimal & clean lines. In addition to that, they incredibly revamp traditionally & shabby chic styled rooms with their classic shape.

Before planning to buy a round ottoman in Australia, think about the functions you want it to fulfill for you. This classic furniture item can be used as a makeshift side table or a coffee table.

To buy the perfect round storage ottoman in Australia, visit our website to explore our extensive range.

2). Cube Ottomans:

Cube-shaped storage ottomans have witnessed a phenomenal rise in usage & popularity over the years. They are widely used in homes & open-plan offices because they can be easily stacked & rearranged to complement your fashion & function requirements. They feature a removable lid that enables storing books, magazines & rugs. Moreover, they can be used as a coffee table or side table.

Cube storage ottomans are ideal for space-constricted living areas because of their versatile shape. They are available in a variety of materials such as leather & fabric.

To buy a cube ottoman & home bar furniture in Australia, check the extensive range online.


home bar furniture

3). Rectangular or Square Ottomans:

The rectangular & square storage ottomans are lauded for rendering a classic touch that complements any decor. They are ideal for use as a footstool & coffee table because of their flat surfaces.

Rectangular ottomans are suitable for couples & families as they can hold multiple pairs of feet. They are considered best for space-constricted homes & offices as they leave enough room for movement.

On the other hand, square-topped ottomans come with various placement options. They can be paired up with an armchair or placed as the central focal point of the living room.

Last Words

Whether round, cube, rectangular, or square, Ottomans offer you an opportunity to express your style & personality at its best. Since they are available in a myriad of colors & upholstery, they easily blend with the rest of the decor of your room.

To make an enthralling style statement with a rectangular or round storage ottoman in Australia, visit the EasyMart website to explore options. You can also buy functional home bar furniture in Australia from our web store. Visit today to buy!

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