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Top 8 Tips for Styling Officeworks Bookshelves

Top 8 Tips for Styling Officeworks Bookshelves

Bookshelf styling is an enthralling way of adding a personalized touch to home & offices. A well-balanced & functional bookshelf can reflect your style & personality at its best. Bookshelf serves as a storage for books, files & folders, and display space for accessories. Moreover, it helps to organize the things & make the room look clutter-free, thereby enhancing the overall room’s appearance.

While the market offers a wide range of officeworks bookshelves, selecting the right one can be a tedious task. The main reason it seems so hard is that we overcomplicate the selection & styling process. To simplify the process, we have carefully curated a comprehensive guide for you. This guide will help you select the right officeworks book shelf & style it impressively.

officeworks bookshelves

Modern Style statements for homes and offices

Bookshelves are the modern style statements for offices & homes. Originally known for holding books, these stunning pieces of furniture can display antiques, decorative items, books, folders & fragile items. All that you need is a striking balance between bookshelves styling & functionality. Once you have selected the right officeworks bookshelf, you are good to go.

While every house needs a bookshelf to display books & framed photos, it is used to hold important files & accessories in the offices. If you are in search of a suitable bookshelf for your home or office, you are in the right place.

If you have plenty of open space, look for shelves that can cover several feet across your room. On the other hand, for constricted spaces, opt for taller bookcases with several shelves.

In case you have kids in the house, think if you want the kids to access stuff placed on the shelves. You can keep fragile items beyond the reach of little hands on a tall bookcase.

A tall or wide officeworks bookshelf can be great if you desire to store books & souvenirs. For office settings, a square or cube bookcase with an open back can fit office supplies, including files & folders. Such bookcases impart the illusion of a larger room & helps showoff interior decor. Moreover, it can serve as a divider for room or hallways.

For decorative purposes, opt for bookshelves that are not heavy-duty, have thin frames, and voguish touches, such as patterns & shapes of shelves.

Tips to Select the right officeworks book shelf

Refer to the following important aspects to buy the best officeworks bookshelf:

  • Size: This is one of the most basic factors to consider when you plan to buy a bookshelf. Measuring the space where you intend to place the bookshelf helps you narrow down the search options.
  • Type of Bookcase: A variety of bookcases are available on the market, so think about the look you want the bookshelf should impart. In addition to that, consider the things you intend placing on the bookshelf.
  • Adjustable Shelves: Considering this factor while buying an office works bookshelf gives you the power to customize it as per need. You can adjust the shelves & play around with heights to complement your needs. This feature is a boon if you have books, decor items & other stuff of varying sizes. You get to meet your specific storage needs in style.
  • Material: While bookcases serve the purpose you bought them for, material plays a significant role in determining their lives. And, the material indicates whether transporting a bookcase is easy or otherwise.

While bookcases made from hardwood & metal are durable & worth investing in, moving them can turn out to be a cumbersome task. On the other hand, officeworks bookcases made from wood & veneer render a more rustic & traditional look to the place.

officeworks bookshelves

Please note:

  • Both wood & metal bookcases are highly durable & store stuff without any issue. They differ on the basis of the look they impart to the place.
  • Wood-based bookshelves are easily customizable, while metal ones cannot be bespoken.
  • Bookcases featuring combinations of metal & wood are gaining popularity these days. They render a modern look to any place.

Display the items that you love and make it appealing

Flooding the shelves with lots of things make them look unorganized & cluttered.

Collect the items you intend to display. The process of styling your bookshelf begins with the items you wish to display. This may include books, artworks, picture frames, vases, files, folders, and other accessories. You can go about placing the largest items on the bookshelf first. And then, fill the shelves with the rest of the stuff like stacks of books, magazines, & potted plants.

It is better to avoid stuffing the shelf full. Refrain from flooding the bookcase with loads of books & other stuff at the display. Display the items you truly love & find another cool place for the rest of the things. You can set forth books with some decorative items, leaving some blank space.

Bring some greenery can improve the appearance of your bookshelf. Interior designers from around the world suggest placing house plants in rooms as they pose a stack of health benefits. And, your officeworks bookshelf can be a great place to display small plants such as bonsai & succulents.

Gladly, there’s an extensive range of stylish & affordable pots available to choose from. You can use these pots to plant your favourite house plants & add an enthralling dimension to your shelf styling. Go for varying textures & shades of green to bring your bookshelf to life.

Alternatively, you can go for artificial plants that render the same visual impact as natural plants.

Tips to Style Officeworks Bookshelves

Listed below are some simple tips that help you transit bookshelves styling from average to amazing.

  • Group the books thoughtfully: While bookshelves are meant to store books, placing them all together can make your shelf cluttered. Here’s what you can do to organize books:
  • Avoid placing all the books on the bookshelf
  • Group the books by theme or colour, such as from lightest to darkest or otherwise
  • Balance the look by placing some books with the spine inwards
  • Ground the heavy items: Consider placing larger items such as baskets or wooden cases at the bottom to prevent the officeworks bookshelf from falling.
  • Vary heights & depths: Varying the heights of the objects placed together can ignite great interest amongst the viewers, the studies state. You can display the books both horizontally & flat. Some decorative items can be placed at the back of objects, while some can be placed in the front. You can consider adding large bowls or vases to the bookshelf set-up.
  • Add Decor: Adding decor to your bookshelf makes it more delightful & pleasing to the eyes. You can consider adding photographs, flowers, little sculptures, natural elements & collections from your travel. This enables you to bring your personality & style to the fore in an impressive way.
  • Don’t strive to make it perfect: Officeworks Bookshelves at your office or home is yours. They don’t need to be picture-perfect for various social media applications. The key to cherish your stylish bookshelf is to display what makes you smile & renders serenity.


Following the bookshelves styling guide mentioned above can help you gain an ideal balance & simplicity. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up to add beautiful knick-knacks & decor to your bookshelf & make your room’s ambience satisfying. It's time to get creative because bookshelves aren’t just for books!

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